Sunday, April 13, 2014

Game Two soft ball

To get people to break away for some good old softball is almost impossible. My violinist Robert went back to preparing plants to sell for his boss instead of bringing his boss to play.  Allon, my new `travellor' friend travelled to somewhere else BUT Tim Fuller, Bob Campbell and Eric Kroll came to Ft. Lowell on this past Thursday at 5 pm and though we lost the two baseball diamonds to 6 yr olds and was fine because Tim knew a complex scoring system. ie. a ball past the picther was worth 2 points etc.
Round Robin with each person batting, pitching and fielding. I was brilliant the first round and outscored all others and then my energy disapaded and Tim and Bob battled for title. I think Tim aka Charly Hustle took home the trophy.

my teammates warming up

the opposition

pl note I live at the base of those blue Cezanne mountains

after a brief rest to check the baseball game between Boston (Tim's team) and the Yankees (Bob's team)

the serious competition began with choosing who went to bat first (not who had the bigger bat).

Tim counting his points from the batter's box

Tim counting up my points from the field

note the ball in the air. As the game moed along Bob got stronger as a pitcher, which I like. 

Tim and I had the same upbringing. We grew up competitive. I love to compete and have no problem when Tim beats the pants off me (figuratively).

Of course it doesn't hurt that he is able to play all three positions (hitting, fielding, pitching) at the same time.

NOTE: game three is April 17th. we meet in the Ft. Lowell parking lot at 5 pm. Come as you r. I have the balls, the bat and all the gloves a team will need. Email me. This is for fun and excercise. Women of all ages are welcome.


Bob lking like Bob Feller

Monday, April 7, 2014

"My daughter's friend is upset by a photo that is on your blog. It's of her daughter. She's in a bikini, eating a popiscle. She'd like you to take it down.

I took it down.
 Reminds me of a phone call I got twenty years ago from Ingrid Sishy, then editor of Interview magazine. Glenn O'Brien (an acquaintance) wanted to use a frontal nude photo of me and William , one of Mapplethorpe's well hung Black models, who has since died. He and I are holding hands and below our photo is written "Destroying Myths". Sishy began by saying this wasn't a racist action but the printers refused to print my photo. "Please don't think this has anything to do with racism."
I removed from my blog the photo of my friend's daughter. People are UPTIGHT in this town. I've been banned from a friend's house by his wife ( a friend of 12 years plus) because she feels I broke an unspoken rule not to photograph her daughter. (her daughter is 26 or 27 yrs old). Who needs enemies with friends like this

My first daughter Leah playing in the studio

some adults think certain images are `dirty' or perverse by association. I don't suffer frm that church of restriction or the church of right or wrong or...


Friday, April 4, 2014

Come On Out To The Old Ballgame

I sent out a massive local Tucson email saying "I don't have a life. I can play softball." Three friends showed up and one of the, Allon, I had known less than a week! I heard every excuse from "i don't play sports" I'm cl;osing my business permanently and have to get out of my space."
We four had a grand time and as I always told my girl got to have memories.
Robert Villa played outfield and violin and when up to bat...hit every note.

Bob Campbell played his daughter in New Jersey and she seemed to like what he pitched cross country.

Allon, my new friend, hit one out of the ballpark and ended up in the duck pond, almost hitting a tur-tle.

Allon lives here and there and after the game went there...without saying good-bye. Most be a Canadian thing which he is half of.

This is what my dad looked like when he played softball in East Hampton Long Island in the 1970s. Plimpton would pitch for the Writers and Larry Rivers would hit for the Painters and one time I shot a photo of Eugene McCarthy (must have been his '72 run for Presidential nomination) fielding as ball that I sold to Time magazine. 

Like my dad he and I stunk at softball but liked to play.

Allon follows the flight of my `massive' hit.

Bob Campbell so obviously on the Writer's team.

Allon and Bob warming up in the adobe dugout.

Of course Boston Tim Fuller showed up after the 7th inning, settling on dinner as his activity.


dinner at a Tri Asian restaurant btween the Sheraton and Ihop on the northside of Grant.
my Thai shrimp salad.

Between innings I prepared a butt banana creem (organic) pie but it was left uneaten.

Maybe next time I'll get nine

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What's Happening

Ampersand Gallery in Portland is showing part of my collection of Arthur photos of hair and showing the movie shown at Exploded View at Micro Cinema in Tucson.

then my friend Steve Diet Goedde sent me a killer vimeo he made at my Tucson house in 2008 of Arcadia. Humm. where was I? asleep or NYC.

Steve is the King of self promotion

Sunday, March 30, 2014

If Brandon Arnovich is the most highly evolved person I know then Steve Romanello is the nicest kindiest person I know

Steve on the left, Gibb Windahl, me

I sat with Steve last night next to his pool at a party he was throwing at his house . But it wasn't his party it was Paul and Muriel 25th anniversary party at his house. The usual suspects were there and I realized I'd missed his smile and the way he barrels from place to place. It's not that we have daughter Leahs or that I owe him for the last several weeks a hundred. He's almost my age and he has a job! He teaches post production- he wrote one of THE books on adobe photo shop. His significant other, Karen
Brannon likes me but is NOT fond of my work.
Steve also paints besides entertaining and teaching. He knows everyone the kindest nicest person.

That's Tim Fuller staring in from the right

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Help Homeless Graduate from High School

I noticed this billboard and thought the idea was ridiculous. I went to pay my real estate tax the day before it would go to auction lien and saw a young homeless person and walked over and asked "are you a boy or girl?"

She assured me she was a she. She asked if I'd drive her somewhere and I agreed. First she wanted to download from the library a birth certificate application form. She kept spilling her q-tips but we got her bags in the car and drove to Target. She went inside and asked me to wait which I did for over a half hour then placed her stuff in a tree and drove home.

The next day I met Conrad, homeless in Tucson, born in Sierra Vista.

I drove all nite stopping to sleep for an hour in a rest stop on Interstate 10 and got to the Blythe, Ca Starbucks just after it opened. I noticed a young man talking to himself. 

I placed my camera on my table and got two shots off before Starbucks management told him to leave. The shot I took of him remined me of the Eugene Smith photos of the population in the insanity ward in Haiti in1958.
©Eugene Smith

I my trip to Eureka, Ca I stopped in LA to weather the heavy rains then up to Oakland and San Francisco with a stop to see Felice in Santa Rosa then up to Eureka. On my way back I hit LA for Marian's 92nd birthday. We celebrated at Manderette on Beverly Blvd. In that journey I slept 3 nites in my car, two nites in Dave and Ori's back- by- the- pool casita, two nites on carpet at Jessica's, one nite at a motel bcause the rains were too hard to drive with my tires shifting the car from side to side  one nite on David Lubin's couch.

Ori at home

Dave and I buying homo erotic literature at Circus of Books on Santa Monica Blvd.

then up to David Lubin's home. I get to watch him divide him time between sculpture, water colors and play writing. I've had he pleasure of seeing his comprehensive art since 1969 in Taos, then Manhattan, then Point Reyes and now Oakland. Pure pleasure to witness and record the creative process.

a Lubin sculpture of me and woman with her legs apart. David assures me that this piece is mentioned in his will. I have the same assurances from my movie friend, Jon, that he has left me his very rare copy of Man Ray's Alphebet.

Is it clear that these pieces are small...maybe 12 " high yet each is distinctive with a strong likeness to its subject.

Brandon Arnovich has a JOB! He went and learned a new design technique and now designs downtown SF. He took me to the Slanted Door's take-out (Out The Door) in the Ferry building. I am struck by how calm he is through all his changes. His evolution as a human it the result of his radical cool parents, his golf swing, the music he plays or the smoke he smokes. In any case he keeps getting more beautiful. He is VERY high.

I'm always short of cash and plan on always being short of money. This time I brought over 100 of my thousands and thousands of color prints I made to give models (and made extras). I sold them to friends for gas and food and did just fine. i think I'll have an extra ten bucks when i get home.

Brandon holding photo I did approx. 14 years before at Christmas of himself and Felice on Bush street in San Francisco.

Then up to Santa Rosa to see Felice. After eight years of living together...I don't see enough of her now.

she's collecting abstract paintings and finishing college.

Which brings me full circle to Jessica. She, too, has changed. She was the wildiest young woman

(here she is in 2008 in Tucson without her mother's permission)

 I ever shared time with. But she had her excesses and they were hard for me to stay with and we stopped. Now seven or eight years later she has matured into a beautiful interesting young woman. Lucky is the man to have her in his life.