Wednesday, September 9, 2015

"The Downtown Decade NYC 1975 to 1985"

my photos and many others of the downtown scene. at
Glenn Horowitz Rare Gallery
17 W. 54th. Manhattan 6- 8 pm
opening reception Sept. 15th.
runs Sept. 10 th to Oct. 10th

I didnt take these two of Chance and Harry but I took others from that period that will be in the show. pl go.

my good friend Dave Naz wrote me how DAZED had mentioned my photos.

Monday, September 7, 2015

I Was Passing Half Dental up on Oracle Rd below Ina Rd and thinking about finding my photos on

Muddy Waters and more

Joyce Gibson

legs I took that ran in Leg Show when Dian Hanson was editor and on today

(all these and a million more on

ok i'm back home and glad to be home

My good friend Bob Campbell, after seeing the shot of me after my aborted surgery to rid myself of the evil staghorn kidney stone growing in my left kidney thought I should make a calendar. So...

after my first attempt at surgery August 1 , 2015

yellow jello after successful surgery first phase (all photos by Gail Marcus Orlen unless otherwise stated)

the (red) entrance wound and marking by Dr. Humphreys

Gail pets me

I knew the surgery team went through my bladder on the way to my kidney and I wanted to know what they saw. (no growths found !!) and prostate looked enlarged but fine!!!

lking like George Clooney on ER

the morning after bfast

trying out a car on the surgery floor

resting up in the gadget closet

magnificent site

having a good hair day

inflated like a tick

regaining back some of my ornery ways

Sumo Saturday Nite

on the way home where highway 8 meets highway 10

Monday, August 31, 2015

Ground Hog Day

Tomorrow at 4 am I get woke and go across the way to the Mayo clinic for my percultaneous nephrolithotomy/nephroltihotripsy (PCNL). whoopee! This time I'm going to have the IV in my left arm. Gail's bored with this, my friends are bored, my kids I know are bored and I'm bored and anxious to `just do it'.

In the meantime, my old publisher (leonard Abrahms) from the East Village Eye
alerted me to the Glenn Horowitz Bookseller in NYC  doing a show called The Downtown Decade (1975-1985) and though its to begin in a week I worked with Lauren, the director, and thirty some images were chosen.
What follows is a small per centage of what I shot in those years. Naturally I kept everything including all the art opening announcements. Lauren hopes to show some of those also.

The Bookseller didnt choose this of Richard Hambleton talking with Rick Prol but they did choose

Richard making one of his silouettes for the Terminal exhibition in NYC


a Hambleton on 10th st and 1 st avenue.

Futura 2000, his body stretched across the canvas, spray painting like Jackson Pollack drip painting (photos) by Hans Namuth.

Luis Frangella painting ( I miss him)

Ann Magnuson at Club 57 they included but didn't include

but did include


Ann M. in my studio.

(I'll add to this after surgery) I miss my children (so what else is (k)new)
doing this from recovery 10 hrs after two surgeries,,,

Mike Bidlo was easy to shoot. always photogenic. I understand Tony Shafrazi shows him now.

Mike does artists from the past saying why pay millions for a Warhol when you can buy a Bidlo. I have a silver Marilyn that lks like a Warhol but is a Bidlo. Here he recreated Warhol's Factory at PS 1.
when i came back from living in a RV for a year with my wife, Lynka, I could only afford a tiny studio at 118 E. 28th st. I shot Ann Magnuson there and many others for the few years I was there. I think I also shot her in her tiny railroad apartment in the lower easy side.

here she is performing at Club 57 in the basement of a Ukranian social club. Haring, K. Scharf, John Sex and K. Anger performed there.

`Headless Body Found in Topless Bar'. Ann reads

Eric Bigosian also performed at Club 57. I shot him doing air guitar in his studio along Delancey st.

John Sex in my my tiny studio. He was fabulous.

both sides of John Sex

some more announcements I saved

more photos after i rest in Mayo Phoenix

A Richard Hambleton silouette

Richard Hambleton doing a piece for the Terminal show


Rik Prol with a piece he did on the green seamless I shot him against in my studio

Kano, Futura, Haring and Dondi



Haring on FDR drive

me as `super dad'

Patty Astor and Keith Haring at the Fun Gallery

Tama Janowitz (Slaves of New York) watches a jacket being tagged at Keith Haring party after his opening at Tony Shafrazi gallery