Friday, June 19, 2015

me by Andrew Emery Brown and Jackie Alpers

I've been trying to get Andrew Emery Brown up to my house ever since I began to work with chaos (about 3 years ago). I have always wanted to duplicate jazz in photos but I couldnt figure it. One morning, taking photos of my private madness, I realized I was living in free jazz and began to take
photos of the configurations of things (images ot follow in a few days). I was filmed for tv years ago by Andrew Brown and I thought he was a fine filmmaker and wanted to make a doc on ME and my creative mess. He is very busy but made it to my house as the light was fading. When he left I felt I had accomplished something- getting him up to my house. He sent me three shots he had taken. I like
very much.

me in the master bathroom ©Andrew Emery Brown

me looking a bit brain dead ©Andrew Emery Brown

wow ©Andrew Emery Brown

when I moved permanently to Tucson over 6 years ago a knew very few people. One poet died shortly there after, one stopped talking to me because I took near naked (tasteful) photos of his 27 year old daughter. One stopped talking to me because he thought I was taking undue advantage of his lawyer mate and the last one stopped talking to me as soon as I moved here.
When I used to visit Tucson from SF and later LA, invariably I'd bring a model/friend to photograph. I asked Jackie Alpers to document a shooting a was doing with Melanie, a photographer model from
NYC that I have known 10 years.

out on east Broadway ©Jackie Alpers

me shooting Melanie ©Jackie Alpers

by ©Jackie Alpers from my shoot

a fine ©Jackie Alpers image

me and Melanie and others cooking in my kitchen after the shoot ©Jackie Alpers

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Eating Chongqin Spicy Chicken from the Szechwan menu at Old Peking on Speedway in Tucson and thinking of ancient American Indian hair styles of thr southwest

from a recently acquired bound 1952 Arizona Highways

a contact sheet of Candy with hair by Dallas inspired by an early Curtis photo I had shown Dallas (circa 1988). shot against shaped styroform that a camera came in

Candy out shopping for vegatables at a Korean deli that were on every corner in NYC back then

Anya the fortune teller from an old Life magazine

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I've started a new photo essay and discovered I had been shooting backs of women's hair for decades. Here is a shot of Candy with her hair done by Dallas Alleman (working in New Orleans now). He was what made my studio work special in the 80's and 90s in NYC.

Candy from behind circa 1988. NYC

San Francisco circa 2006

(my pet acorn snake)




Brooklyn flea

Leah's friend at the Brooklyn flea

Wilcox, Az convenience store

a model arriving at Dave's in LA

a Santa Fe poet off Garcia St.

the manager at a new Dollar store Tucson

at the Loft Cinema Tucson

also at the Loft Cinema Tucson

Lillian from the back in LA loft party for Steve D.G.'s birthday

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

In Santa Fe, NM in June

It is difficult to write about nasty things when one is visiting heaven so I wont. I am alone except for Ivana, the active turtle,
that scurries back and forth in her huge aquarium feet away from where I am writing. Thank God, Audrey, Willie Bo and Kim
are away in NYC and I have the run of their kind house. They practise Buddhism and I can feel the good earth vibes. They have a flowering yellow bush (Spanish broom)
out front of their house that I have never seen. So I shoot it from all angles. Would it flower in Tucson?
Doubtful. Their well attended garden backyard have acorn cones scattered along a stone path that I will put in perfect order or so it appears,
on digital film. that I am in a fairyland (which I am). I am in Santa Fe, NM and I just had bfast at the Pantry restaurant. The food

is very good but I come to table next to the old Mexican American vibe that runs in the back room since 1948. The love and respect between the locals- both workers and patrons- is palatable as is the red chili (chicken based).

Last night was straight out of a Gabriel García Márquez novel. Up in the Santa de Christo mountains with old friends. The woman
spinning my bead on my wrist first did so in 1966 when we were boyfriend and girlfriend in Boulder, Colorado. Over red wine and Jackson Browne, Van Morrison, Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks, Tom Waits Heartache and Vine, and Dire Straits we remembered back. We’ve remained friends these many fifty years but life keeps us separated from such an evening as we were having with her sister Char and her husband Fred

. Just the four of us. (I don’t have internet here so pl wait for the rest of the evening in the mountains).
I have more than a few friends from the sixties living in Santa Fe. Where Bob works at home.

Where Sherri works at home.

where I set up my work area t Willie, Kim and Audrey's house.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Nilsa on the way to Van Horn(y), Tx

I've known Nilsa since she walked into my lighting course I taught at International Center of Photography in NYC.  She claims I was fired because near the end of the semester when the students came in late I yelled "Fuck you!" I remember being fired for lending a strobe light to a student over night (I was told never to do that) and the next day she said they were stolen out of her car.
She next took some courses I taught at School of Visual Arts on 23rd st and we've remained friends ever since.
Nilsa doesn't feel comfortable photographing so she turns her creative energies on setting up tableaus with dolls. She has worked with photo shop since its inception and tried to explain (teach) to me some of the digital magic but Im used to 6 years of hard `point and shoot'.
UNtil now. Now I have a Leica M9 digi camera. The learning curve is long but I'm beginning to see the light. Nilsa flew in from NYC and stayed at the Haciend del Sol which was one of the places my parents went in the 50s to celebrate their anniversary.
I used to love it there..on the porch, etc. but not anymore. They are adding on without soul. Her suite looked like a high end Ramada, not an adobe casita. Ugh! Service was terrible, coffee uneven but she liked it and would go out in the early morning and take photos.

 She even so a Rattler. I brought her a series of hats-against-the sun and we took photos.

We are long time plutonic friends.

Nilsa at breakfast

Nilsa as Chaplin

Nilsa as C. Chaplin

Nilsa at work

Nilsa self portrait

Nilsa as Heloise

I took her to the deGrazia chapel and she reminded me of Madonna (not the singer)

note the `two hat' look. The Woody Allen under hat was there against the sun.

Thursday night we went to the Cup to hear Roberto Duran play his beautiful Mexican guitar.

And Robert Villa for snakes, gila monsters and violin. 

we get serenaded.

Robert can look snotty holding a violin but he isn't

Robert lking like Fabian in concert

Next day a quick stop at Carlos Lorenzo's for conversation soup.

We attended the last event of the year at Exploded View micro cinema (the brain child of David and Rebecca). Avant AZ (films by friends and people I don't know. Below is Sam Angiulo about to perform her "CHILD I WILL HURT YOU".

Then onto highway 10 to Wilcox, Az for mother's day

I've been doing this essay on food coloring...I mean hair coloring and Nilsa directed me to the convenience store operator in Wilcox. Thank you Nilsa.

I'm learning again how to focus

a customer at the store.

Caligraphy by Nilsa

Nilsa without post production

outside a gym (closed)

`Doppleganger' by Nilsa Macaya 

I've been criss crossing American for several years now and I am aware of how screwed the economy is outside the main US cities. Nilsa was unaware. Now she too knows.

`Arrid' by Nilsa Macaya. she wrote me an email with this image. Hope she is ok with me reproducing it here.

called this company to find out if they are open for business, but they are out of business. was curious because the flowering bush in front of the place suggests possible life in the company. in any case, great opportunity for a photojournalist to capture the current truth of the economy. detroit is reported and chicago’s possible bankruptcy is monitored, but i have read nothing about the near disappearance of so many southwestern american towns.
-Nilsa Macaya.