Saturday, January 23, 2016

From John k to Moline of Tucson with a Huffington Post article

my photographer friend Chas Rae Krider
sent me a link to an article on the work of John K. that appeared yesterday in Huffington Post.

I made a comment. I mentioned Moline of Tucson that I have been SERIOUSLY collecting. here is some of his work.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Trumbo in Tucson...lunch with Goddard

In 1971, I went looking for my first living/work space in New York City. I answered a sublet ad and it turned out to be Gary Winogrand's westside spacious apartment. Leaning against the wall in his dining room were enormous 1950's b&w photos he had done of Richard Nixon standing up in the back of a convertible making peace signs with both hands as it cruised down the crowded city street. Nixon was smiling the Richard Nixon smile.
The photos by Winogrand of Nixon were extra ordinary. So was Winogrand's bitterness. Or was it NYC depression? A lifetime later I still dont know why he was the way he was but I've gotten hints through the years.
Particularly since moving to Tucson. Conservative! Kicked out (permanently) of Whole Foods at River and Craycroft for a complaint that I was viewing pornography. so much for making my erotica away from snooping minds. (I choose not to have internet at home and have to go out to get it). Apprehended by Federal Park rangers for "being off the path" on the Broadway border of East Sahuaro National Park. Was it the 25 vintage Barbie dolls I hung by their hair from an old sahuaro "off the (invisible) path".
Recently I quit the anti depression drug I was on since a particular woman walked out of my life. Since stopping the medicine I am less lethargic and quick to be pissed. I think that's an improvement over being a passive vegetable.
I read where the editor of Tucson Weekly said America used to be founded on `hope' but now its motivated by fear.
 Because people are SO paranoid I started a new photo essay of people with colored hair FROM THE BACK. I couldn't do the essay from the front. Not in this town...this state...this country unless I had ALL FUCKING day to explain my purpose and make stupid promises I cant possibly keep.

Naim Amor at the Cup

Cliff Taylor held after class for righting on walls

the nite I tried to get Chris Rush to French kiss me. he refused

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Craigslist. Ending 2015 with a bang

"fat girl with hairy pussy seeks hook-up"

above is a friend's recent listing (without photo) on craigslist. It had a happy ending. 
Years ago I knew a woman that got fired from Starbucks and until she got rehired, she'd sell her worn panties through craigslist. I would act as the `protection' and sit anonymously at a nearby table while she made the exchange. I made sure the buyer didn't try to follow her home from the cafe she used to make the sale.
 When I was a teenager growing up in Westchester  my parents switched me from public to a small private school that's no longer there. Being a transfer underclassman I had no status with the upper class but somehow, one nite, I hocked up with the quaterback's girlfriend, Bonnie. I remember playing with her on the apartment building lawn with the Tappan Zee bridge lights in the background. Afterwards Bonnie asked if I would be willing to do the same with her girlfriends. Yes I said. For the rest of Bonnie's senior year, I would be told which car to go to and there would be an older girl. And that all happened without craigslist. But that was then...
Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

cant have peace without understanding. give peace a chance in 2016

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Janis and Dylan but not in that order

My Bard college friend Bob Richardson remembers it so it must be real. He remembers me walking up to Bob Dylan's table in a cafe in Woodstock in circa 1965 and sitting down. I can picture the cafe and walking in. I remember Mr. Dylan and I talking about the pursuit of nirvana. He said ti was easy. I said it was hard. I pasted Nirvana today but it was closed.

Last night I went to see Janis at the Loft. I did hear her at the Family Dog in Denver. I had a blind date with her in circa 1970 at a retreat outside Taos, N.M. but she never got there. One night around the same time I was having a drink at a bar I never drank at (in Taos) and the emcee saidthat a young singer would like to sing a song he had written. It was Kris Kristofferson and he sang "Me and Bobby McGee".

I added a bird to my life...a sand crane.

I try and cook as much as I can at home. even if its cold. (I stopped using my fireplace because it doesn't draw well and my asthma kicks up). 

The view from my kitchen out...

what covers the window above my kitchen sink

my master bathroom

the cactus covered by sheets (a lot of)

To the right of my main door

the entrance from inside

remembering a friend, Carlos Batts

That's Carlos in the middle between his wife, Lillian and Ori Small wife of Dave Naz (r) when Ori and Daz lived on Laurel Canyon

they were working on something for a tv doc on Carlos

This cold morning while Gail was at the gym I was able to photo capture her strange boird that pecks at her window (lower left corner)

a circa 1968 photo of Mickey Jines I recently sold

my annual drag photo of Robert Villa, this year, Santa's transgender helper

Kady aka Miley May as Santa's other helper

Lillian aka April Flores as elf

Its been a good year though a bit rough with little money and big kidney stone operation. Plenty to be thankful for.Why not peace instead of hate. Why not meditation instead of bullets. Why not be open to every way of life. Why not embrace understanding.

I have (I bet) the largest collection of photo stills of softcore porn from the 1960's. Here is a photo from the set of "Girls Rough House" 1971.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Paik and Me and the passing of my friend Candida Royale

David Sherman of Exploded View gallery is letting me sit with the vids and photos the nexgt day also-December 6th- 1 pm to 5pm

some of the images that I did of Paik from late seventies to late nineties

TV Rodin

tv Buddha and Paik at MOMA one man exhibit

V-yramid (1982). Whitney Museum of American Art    

friends and acquaintances pass. Candida Royale made feminist adult videos. I met her through Veronica Vera and Annie Sprinkle. They were a part of Club Ninety, empowered women in the porn business, that included Gloria Leonard who I didnt know.
I did these portraits using a "roach", an American Indian piece made of quills. Candida died in Mattituck, Long Island where I had a summer rental with my wife and first child only, Leah.

Leah and her mother, Lynka, at the beach in Mattituck

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Felice has fourth stage melanoma cancer and is doing fine but needs new ways to fight it and wishes to get another approach from the doctors at M.D. Anderson Cancer hospital in Houston, Texas. She has very little money, very little and her good friend Karen Kirn has started a gofundme for her to get to the Anderson.
Those that know me know Felice.
She was my partner for most my years in San Francisco. She was there when my kids grew up. Intuitive, insightful I hope she lives a long long time. please help.

Felice allowed me to realize my imagination year after year. Here she figured out her make-up to match the famous Man Ray shot. This we did one night in Tucson before I moved there permanently.

wrapped around a palm tree at Kathy's place in Belize circa 2001

Felice models a Syren piece in Tucson before I Krollenized the entire place. The photo behind Felice is of Sooze McMeans in Taos, NM 1971. This photo is circa 2001

modelling for a visiting German photographer with the clothes all laid out in the Tucson guest room 

again modelling for German photog. circa 2002

a very true beauty in Tucson circa 2003

Felice on a deserted Caribbean island. If she looks pissed...she was. She never liked to model in public and there were a few other islanders off to the left and right of her.

Felice attached at the waist to the woman from Brain Wash in SF. This was shot at a motel near the SF Zoo. circa 2000

prom fetish queen in the New Mexican desert on one of our frequent road trips. Not a vacation for Felice. circa 1999

Felice in a Santa Rosa, CA coffee shop not too many years  ago.

anyway life is richer from knowing her. please help get her the time and distance she needs to continue her fine journey. thanks