Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Felice has fourth stage melanoma cancer and is doing fine but needs new ways to fight it and wishes to get another approach from the doctors at M.D. Anderson Cancer hospital in Houston, Texas. She has very little money, very little and her good friend Karen Kirn has started a gofundme for her to get to the Anderson.
Those that know me know Felice.
She was my partner for most my years in San Francisco. She was there when my kids grew up. Intuitive, insightful I hope she lives a long long time. please help.

Felice allowed me to realize my imagination year after year. Here she figured out her make-up to match the famous Man Ray shot. This we did one night in Tucson before I moved there permanently.

wrapped around a palm tree at Kathy's place in Belize circa 2001

Felice models a Syren piece in Tucson before I Krollenized the entire place. The photo behind Felice is of Sooze McMeans in Taos, NM 1971. This photo is circa 2001

modelling for a visiting German photographer with the clothes all laid out in the Tucson guest room 

again modelling for German photog. circa 2002

a very true beauty in Tucson circa 2003

Felice on a deserted Caribbean island. If she looks pissed...she was. She never liked to model in public and there were a few other islanders off to the left and right of her.

Felice attached at the waist to the woman from Brain Wash in SF. This was shot at a motel near the SF Zoo. circa 2000

prom fetish queen in the New Mexican desert on one of our frequent road trips. Not a vacation for Felice. circa 1999

Felice in a Santa Rosa, CA coffee shop not too many years  ago.

anyway ...my life is richer from knowing her. please help get her the time and distance she needs to continue her fine journey. thanks

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween here and now

I think Leah Kroll has outdone herself with her : The King Kim Jung II Presley

me hardly in custome at all

Willa and her fiance Luke

I'm up here in Carson City doing portraits of ladies of the nite at the Love Ranch, the Sagebrush, and the Moonlite Bunnyranch

Cassie Classy

Roxanne Price

"GI Jen"

Lily Lovecraft

Lily and Bella Brinks

London T

Taylor Lee 


I apologize but I found this illustration (below) collecting porn on the internet, listening to Lou Reed and Patty Smith. glad I get giggles off the internet

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

And Not A Blonde In Sight

I like `picking' up in Globe, Az and the MOtel 6 I stay in employs Apache Indians. I asked Sonya behind the desk if anything was happening in San Carlos. She told me about the Sunrise ceremonies that happen this time of year. Gail and I followed the directions of Mike from Quikstop and got lost.
I found a policeman and he had us follow him to Peridot, Az and at dawn we found the ceremony. In front of the two young dancing Apache girls was a line of containers filled with candy. Next to the girls were two elderly women also dancing. The Medicine man (Leonard Kentor)

was drumming and singing. The police officer introduced us to Mario DeClay,

the Apache god father of the girl. He was very kind and invited us to join others for breakfast in the wichi up (part of which the young girl built herself). I was told no photography and left my camera in my motel room. It wasnt till we had met the principles were we told that we could take some photos that night but no flash.
I was respectful when I returned on Sunday morning and didnt shoot the crown dancers while they had
corn pollen smeared over there black face masks.

The ceremony was totally without Christianity (unlike the Yaqui Easter ceremonies). It was entirely devoid of gringos except for me and Gail. It was rhythmic, beautiful and simple without greed or purpose beyond celebrating this young woman's right of passage.

below are some of the shots. I'll write more later.

The bonfire lit by a crown dancer Saturday nite.

cars kept coming in and circling the fire and the dancers

Sunday, the next day

women dancing to the right and left of the singers.

the men drummers and singers

Medicine Man and the young girl and her aid

the hoopah of 4 stripped trees

one in traditional wear and the other in contemporary garb

a young Apache with her cheek smeared with corn pollen

wouldn't Stan's Photos love this

like a painting by a Taos painter from the  turn of the 20th century

the woman in yellow is the grandmother of the girl. Apache is matrilineal. the married couple move in with the girl's family.

the three day ceremony was hardly over but Gail and I had to leave. Here the grandmother addresses the crowd gathered for her grand daughters Sunrise ceremony.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

"The Downtown Decade NYC 1975 to 1985"

my photos and many others of the downtown scene. at
Glenn Horowitz Rare Gallery
17 W. 54th. Manhattan 6- 8 pm
opening reception Sept. 15th.
runs Sept. 10 th to Oct. 10th

I didnt take these two of Chance and Harry but I took others from that period that will be in the show. pl go.

my good friend Dave Naz wrote me how DAZED had mentioned my photos.

Monday, September 7, 2015

I Was Passing Half Dental up on Oracle Rd below Ina Rd and thinking about finding my photos on partialboner.tumblr.com

Muddy Waters and more

Joyce Gibson

legs I took that ran in Leg Show when Dian Hanson was editor and on partialboner.tumblr.com today

(all these and a million more on partialboner.tumblr.com)

ok i'm back home and glad to be home

My good friend Bob Campbell, after seeing the shot of me after my aborted surgery to rid myself of the evil staghorn kidney stone growing in my left kidney thought I should make a calendar. So...

after my first attempt at surgery August 1 , 2015

yellow jello after successful surgery first phase (all photos by Gail Marcus Orlen unless otherwise stated)

the (red) entrance wound and marking by Dr. Humphreys

Gail pets me

I knew the surgery team went through my bladder on the way to my kidney and I wanted to know what they saw. (no growths found !!) and prostate looked enlarged but fine!!!

lking like George Clooney on ER

the morning after bfast

trying out a car on the surgery floor

resting up in the gadget closet

magnificent site

having a good hair day

inflated like a tick

regaining back some of my ornery ways

Sumo Saturday Nite

on the way home where highway 8 meets highway 10