Monday, May 18, 2015

Nilsa on the way to Van Horn(y), Tx

I've known Nilsa since she walked into my lighting course I taught at International Center of Photography in NYC.  She claims I was fired because near the end of the semester when the students came in late I yelled "Fuck you!" I remember being fired for lending a strobe light to a student over night (I was told never to do that) and the next day she said they were stolen out of her car.
She next took some courses I taught at School of Visual Arts on 23rd st and we've remained friends ever since.
Nilsa doesn't feel comfortable photographing so she turns her creative energies on setting up tableaus with dolls. She has worked with photo shop since its inception and tried to explain (teach) to me some of the digital magic but Im used to 6 years of hard `point and shoot'.
UNtil now. Now I have a Leica M9 digi camera. The learning curve is long but I'm beginning to see the light. Nilsa flew in from NYC and stayed at the Haciend del Sol which was one of the places my parents went in the 50s to celebrate their anniversary.
I used to love it there..on the porch, etc. but not anymore. They are adding on without soul. Her suite looked like a high end Ramada, not an adobe casita. Ugh! Service was terrible, coffee uneven but she liked it and would go out in the early morning and take photos.

 She even so a Rattler. I brought her a series of hats-against-the sun and we took photos.

We are long time plutonic friends.

Nilsa at breakfast

Nilsa as Chaplin

Nilsa as C. Chaplin

Nilsa at work

Nilsa self portrait

Nilsa as Heloise

I took her to the deGrazia chapel and she reminded me of Madonna (not the singer)

note the `two hat' look. The Woody Allen under hat was there against the sun.

Thursday night we went to the Cup to hear Roberto Duran play his beautiful Mexican guitar.

And Robert Villa for snakes, gila monsters and violin. 

we get serenaded.

Robert can look snotty holding a violin but he isn't

Robert lking like Fabian in concert

Next day a quick stop at Carlos Lorenzo's for conversation soup.

We attended the last event of the year at Exploded View micro cinema (the brain child of David and Rebecca). Avant AZ (films by friends and people I don't know. Below is Sam Angiulo about to perform her "CHILD I WILL HURT YOU".

Then onto highway 10 to Wilcox, Az for mother's day

I've been doing this essay on food coloring...I mean hair coloring and Nilsa directed me to the convenience store operator in Wilcox. Thank you Nilsa.

I'm learning again how to focus

a customer at the store.

Caligraphy by Nilsa

Nilsa without post production

outside a gym (closed)

`Doppleganger' by Nilsa Macaya 

I've been criss crossing American for several years now and I am aware of how screwed the economy is outside the main US cities. Nilsa was unaware. Now she too knows.

`Arrid' by Nilsa Macaya. she wrote me an email with this image. Hope she is ok with me reproducing it here.

called this company to find out if they are open for business, but they are out of business. was curious because the flowering bush in front of the place suggests possible life in the company. in any case, great opportunity for a photojournalist to capture the current truth of the economy. detroit is reported and chicago’s possible bankruptcy is monitored, but i have read nothing about the near disappearance of so many southwestern american towns.
-Nilsa Macaya.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

I've been travelling with Nilsa

who doesnt like to be photographed but relents after doing many shots of me.

Katy shot in NYC

hair caught in the door in NYC

Giselle in NYC

Giselle smothers in NYC

Katy putting on an outfit of my choice in NYC

Midnight just b4 Midnite in NYC

wearing butt augmenters in NYC

I love Katy's expression in NYC

I shot the above and more when I was in NYC visitng my friends and daughters last month

Friday, April 17, 2015

Ian Fleming, sci fi, western pulp, pulp fiction, romance, and everything else. LAST DAY to buy books below price

Saguaro BOOKS

5626 E 22nd St, Tucson, AZ 85711
TOMORROW 9 am to 3pm. April 18th

Christa is closing one of the hidden jewels of Tucson. I have found many many important books through the 2 yrs I have been going there.CASH ONLY.

dont come early becasue she wont be there.

I'm not taking anything off this sale. Its my way of saying thank you for the delight I have gotten from her store.

Yesterday I asked Christa what was in that closet. She said nothing and this is what I found!

The Ian Fleming corner

Latrec looking thru the comics

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Naked Lunch

I wanted to see my friend Annie Sprinkle while I was in SF. She is married to Beth and lives outside of town but we figured Saturday lunch and I suggested we bring it over to our friend Charles Gatewood's place since he doesn't often come down his three flights of stairs in Bernal Heights. Annie stopped off and got the delicious food and photogrpaher Michael Rosen was there along with Gatewood's new squeeze Tiana Giacalone, hair colorist extraordinaire, Joe Donahue. Bethany
Schwartz, and my host when I am in SF, photographer Bob Adler.
After we chowed down in Charles' kitchen and did the quick tour of his recent fine collages that line the hallway and into his bedroom. Charles (lucky dog) has given his collection to the Univ. of California Berkeley library! No simple task. Most libraries and instiutions won't take collections they paid him for it!!!! NV
photo by Bob Adler

Before I elaborate on lunch I have to write about my long, dear and, at times, troubling relationship with Annie Sprinkle. When I started teaching at School of Visual Arts on 23rd st in Manhattan I would see Annie from a distance moving along Lexington avenue as I returned to my studio on 27th between Park and Lex. I finally approached her and she burst into a grin and said "Eric Kroll! You're the reason I became a photographer!!!! Your book Sex Objects!!". Later I learned she did her photography assignments at SVA doing photographs at the houses she worked in. She lived right around the corner.
Upon meeting Annie my life changed (for the better). She lent me the leather garter belt and matching leather g-string that my wife wore sitting on a white stool with her head titled submissively down with a leather eye mask over her eyes. That session changed the direction of my photography. It was later published in Pat Reshen's High Heeled Women. What I remember is our three year old daughter, Leah, careening around the stool between exposures!
Annie introduced me to many many people like Les Barany, H.R. Giger's agent, Steve Bonge, now head of the New York chapter of NYC Hell's Angels and Veronica Vera head of the school for boys that want to be girls. Steve assisted me on my first non wife girlie shoot with Sioban Hunter. I cant believe I bought and used satin sheets!!! I met Mr. 10 1/2" Marc Stevens and Marco Vassi, the great erotic writer, now deceased. I remember lying across Annie's bed, the three of us on our backs fully clothed holding hands doing the "breath of fire". Annie had (or sounded like she had) orgasm after orgasm. During a break I looked at Marco and asked if he felt anything and he smiled and mouthed "no".
After Marco passed away there was an informal memorial at a westside loft and we were given the opportunity to speak about Marco. I was hesitant and then was about to move to the front when someone from behind pushed me aside and went up and spoke...Norman Mailer. He spoke about how much erotic language he owed to Marco. When I was a kid of 16, I came into the city from westchester with my fellow student Kenny Lindsay and met my english high school professor, Bud Stillman, to hear Norman Mailer read at the Carnegie Hall recital hall. Before hand, we were invited upstairs to a cocktail party given for Mailer (Bud knew him) and Mailer looked at me and said I reminded him of Leopold of Leopold and Loeb, the Chicago child murderers.
Later, in a near empty hall but seats away from Gregory Corso swigging from a flash and being loud and unruly, I listened as Mailer read from his contract with Carnegie Hall. What I remember is him screaming from the pulpit "kick her in the cunt! KICK HER IN THE CUNT".
(I will wrtie more later)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Up On Geary St

After Friday nite in LA, I drove to San Francisco the day of the opening at the Shooting Gallery. Justin Giarla choose fifteen of my pieces and hung them salon style. No pricing. "Upon Inquiry" was printed on the 12 th anniversary price list. He had my work in a good spot down the way from the work of Shepard Fairey. I was late and Helena and her husband Laurent were there already.

Justin and I re-enact how we greeted each other moments earlier ...but in reverse.

Helena, Laurent, Brian Sullivan

my part

my life in San Francisco 9 yrs ago. Brandon, Brian, Farrah Spott, Helena and Laurent

Brian (photographer) reacting to my work

Chris (the dad with blonde hair) with his family

Justin in white t

painter Helen and her bf Justin in the background

ok so maybe Im jealous. Helena and Laurent freshly married
and on their way to Bali having spent a month in Vietnam.

Whitney (whom I met years ago through Kayla) and her bf

wearable art

Farrah Spott, back from NYC and the art scene there

Willa Mayo came. For some reason I didnt shoot her at the opening. Here is a shot of her I did in Tucson over a year ago.  She has a job on the Haight

a dense moment around my work 

Then across the street for some Turkish Delight with friends

Then back to the gallery

out on Geary and Larkin looking in

Paul and Catherine showed up. they are the parents of daughter Willa's best friend at Sacred Heart high school on Filmore.

with my spokesperson Brandon

a last look then home to the Adlers

the crowd seemed young but then maybe they are all dot com millionaires

some art patrons living in SF but from South Dakota and beyond

Like in the Cohen's "the Perfect Man" I got sobered up when I passed a young blonde woman and asked to take her photo. She looked at me and "Only if my friends can be in it". No thanks I want to
do your portrait. She then

Shooting her reminded me of Larry Clark's remark about making "Teenage Lust" how his younger brother took him into his scene and Larry got to relive with camera, his memories of being a teenager. There is an immense creative energy in someone on the street and less than 25 years old.