Thursday, November 3, 2011

Darren calls and tells me I MUST attend this party on the border.

The Friday b4 Halloween I got a phone call from Darren and Gary saying that their friends were holding a birthday party on the border in the American side of Nogales. I called Heather, my art friend and sometimes model. She told me she had to stay home and make storyboards 4 a film she was about to do. I told her to do her storyboards and I'd come by around 11pm. The invite said something about "attire" and, of course, I assumed that meant costume. I told 6 ft Heather she could wear the vintage tuxedo with long tails that I bought with Robert Chouraqaui in Aix En Provence in summer of '07. It once belonged to a gyspy grandfather. Heather got dressed and she looked magnificent bcause she has a smile men and women write about. I was splendid in my orange flease chaps and western vest and the `Toy Story' red children cowboy hat several times too small for my head that I had bought on the Plaza in Taos last week.
Heather had just bought a new camera complete with HD and I offered my monopod and we turned on highway 19. She turned her camera on and began filming the straight as Nixon highway. I asked her to tell me her feeling about the (tragic) recent passing of her mom. She talked and kept her camera on the road lit by my truck lites. I tried to concentrate as she teared up.
The directions took us to the International blvd bordered on the south by a new (as though by Richard Serra) high brown metal fence with openings to communicate with those in Mexico. We were told to park the truck and a 1936 cherry Jaguar drove us to the nearby party compound. There was a pool with the water colored by the host's projected vids. We arrived after midnite and there we were- the only two in costume! This is the second time this has happened to me in two years of living in Tucson. Last year, trying to integrate in the tea party elderly neighborhood of the house I live in, I decided to attend the gated community bbq. It was for Oct. 30th. Naturally I came in costume as a priest. The outfit I bought from the official Vatican supply house in '07 when I was there with my daughter, Willa. She, of course, was horrified.
Last year when my dear friend Steve Orlen was in the hospital and told he had cancer I went immediately in same costume to give him (two Jews) `last rites'. I brought a crocheted bible with Jesus on the cover and took out the biblical page and replaced them with 1950s dirty joke illustrations. He accepted my gift solemnly and then burst into laughter. Two of his long time friends I didn't know were sitting in the room and thought I really was the local hospital preacher!
This year, this time, the crowd was drunk and the 6 houses in the compound filled with antique furniture.
At one point Alfonso tried to pick me up and wanted to dance but I asked his age and when he told me he was fifty I turned him down telling him he was 2 young for me.
Eric Kroll as cowboy. Heather as herself

Gary trying to understand
Heather as Chaplin
Darren as fashion model on the border

That lead to a discussion with Heather about sex with men and me. I had to admit I had never had oral sex with a man. "Really", she replied. We got to her house around three thirty in the morning and then I drove home.

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