Saturday, November 26, 2011

Home On The Range

I want to discuss this. I first saw Hale waitressing at Town and Country in Sunset Junction. I was drawn to her smile, her niceness and her ass in jeans. (hold that thought).

The restaurant's gone, I'm gone and Hale is living in the northwest. Back then in LA I wanted to date her but quickly, decisively, she told me she was GAY. That never stopped me and soon enough she was my nonsexual `date' as we travelled around. She was the last woman i saw before I moved to Tucson more than two years ago. One of the things we'd do is go from house to house and she'd play guitar and sing with friends. Many had at home recording studios.
I met up with her in Manhattan at the White Horse Tavern on lower 8th Avenue a year or more ago and I met her girlfriend, Rachel. I remember pool hall bathed in red light in Pasadena and a party I brought her to at Willard Morgan's (Jelvis,the Jewish Elvis, with Paula, actress)

on King's Rd in the Hollywood hills. More music. More hats. She was a clothes hound and would play `dress up' from my collection of clothes 4 models. But she wasn't a model. She never got naked (which was fine).
She facebooked me she was coming with a band and who did I know to help set something up. Carl Hanni, of course. My hiking mate

(looking towards Tucson from Gates Pass)

, camping mate, KXCI radio dj and otherewise dj. I met him as soon as I moved to Tucson-maybe the first night, out with artist friend Wayne, to Colleena Hake's 7th st gallery. Carl was doing the music and I immediately wanted to know this guy. Naturally, he's totally hooked into the Tucson music scene which, to me, is a sister to Austin music scene. Hale (, the musician, got a gig the day b4 Thanksgiving at the Red Room inside the Grill. The Grill is (was) the CBGB's of Tucson, the grunge stage for every band, every musician in town or passing through town- Amy Rude, Naim Amor

, Marianne Dissard, Julia and Ben. BUT that morning there was a terrible thing in the local paper. The Grill, from lack of money, was CLOSED!
Hale, Rachel and singer, song writer , artist

Daniel Michael Viox were coming from Joshua Tree. By the time they crossed the state border they had a house gig on w. 19th st with other bands. Hale sang, Rachel

 (they met when Hale hired her to tune her piano) was on electric organ, V ( sang and played guitar. Nice. This nite, this tour, this was V's band, the Teeth of Turquoise.

 They play in Taos at the Seco Pearl Dec. 3rd. Anyone who knows me knows I have trouble with men with long hair (Durmel is the exception) and V's look

 reminded me of the old transvestite with the adam's apple in Robert Downey sr.'s "Greaser's Palace. But I completely got him, liked him, as the day moved along.
Everyone got to my house b4 3 am and I got up at 6 and went and bought food to cook all of us breakfast in the desert. It is a spot I go to often to cook and shoot- The Micas Trail on the 8 mile cut through Saguaro East.
I was worried it would b bad lite for shooting because it was morning but by the time we had packed up all the cooking stuff and clothes stuff

 and drove east it was afternoon. My goal is to shoot 'hand picked' beautiful women, dressed in interesting clothes of she and my choice, in interesting places

-the DESERT. Then I look for the indecisive moment. My manner of shooting reminds me of the sign outside Frank and Francesca's on Pima- "elegant dining elsewhere". I don't want posed...I have no interest in perfection. Beauty yes, `correct' no.
On the way we passed Arianna Solare,

a musician artist friend of V's. She was crotched down by the side of the road next to her truck, wearing a cowboy hat and t-shirt. Hale remarked how `hot' she was. Arianna is GAY.
We get to the place we are going to cook and Rachel wanders off into the desert to b quiet and to think. I shot the remaining two members of ToT.

At one point Arianna asked me how I met Hale and I mentioned seeing her waitressing and her fine behind in jeans. I got an immediate reaction. I was attracted to the way she looked in jeans. Somehow it was socially unacceptable (my remark wasn't that big a deal to anyone there) but it made me think of sexual remarks Hale had made in the past when she was single and on the prowl. She talked like a guy about women neither of us knew.

part of my research library:

What is one to base their attraction on if there has been no conversation. Anyway...the first time and the last time, two days ago, I was attracted to Hale's sparkle in her eyes

and her butt, among many things. Note she choose to wear a vintage black transparent full length lingerie item and a tiny winy black thong.
Music was played

as we cooked, as V and Hale tried on clothes hanging

from the trees.

Same as it always was.

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  1. I am kinda GAY like a Cole Porter song yes, but Im not a LESBIAN. I've dated plenty of lovely men in my life and am attracted to beautiful and interesting Human Beings. For the record. LOve the pics Mr.