Saturday, November 19, 2011

It's not my Destany

I like to photograph the same women over and over. After I shot the King sisters I wanted to meet their preacher dad and drove to Sunday services in a remote hallow in North Carolina. Two days ago I drove up to Mesa because I wanted to shoot Destany's dad, Byron visiting from the hills of Maryland. He's got her name and her two sisters tattooed on his upper left arm.

I've been shooting Destany for over two years, through highs and lows and one beautiful pregnancy.

 She's got that thing that wants me to keep shooting her...She looks like a european actress in b&w from the sixties and she's pretty free about being naked but one can't view that here.

We went to a bbq place along Main st .  We pigged out, then I drove back to Tucson after helping Payton do her homework. Destany managed to kick a hole in the painting hanging now above the livingroom couch, right where the woman's belly was supposed to be. Beauty

That night in Mesa I realized I liked shooting cowgirls with toy guns.

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