Tuesday, November 1, 2011

my 65th birthday with old friends in Santa Fe

my old friend Bob's feet

note Audrey's magnified magnificence

Last year I had my b day dinner at Baracoa Cuban Cafe in Atwater village on Glendale avenue across the old LA bridge in the area. Both my daughters were there and Dave and Ori, Steve Diet Goedde, Hugh Williams, Valerie, Adrianna Suplick, Jeremy's mom and sister, Amy Sampson and several more. My type of a good evening. Relaxed and not expensive. This year Gail (Gail Marcus Orlen) and I drove to Santa Fe, NM to celebrate. Anyone that knows Eric Kroll knows I don't like fancy and expensive and white which is what one mostly finds in Santa Fe. I always said I couldn't live in Santa Fe because nothing is going to surprise me. I can predict the music I will hear, etc. SO I spent time with Bob Richardson looking and he lead me to Los Potrillos at 1947  Cerrillos Rd. So Rosemary Allen (Arroyo Seco), Bob Richardson (Bard), Susan McMeans (Taos), Richard Lowenberg (CU in Boulder), Sherry Stein (CU in Boulder) I had known for over forty years. Willie Bo Richardson (Bob and Susan's son) I had known since and his daughter Audrey (know since birth) and Kim, Willie's wife. Funky and Mexican and cowboy. very nice evening.

a Santa Fe shopper in Trader Joe's


We stayed at Bob and Brook's cool house on Garcia st near Photo Eye Gallery near Canyon Road and while Brook worked or was busy on her ranch near Santa Rosa, Bob asked Gail to critique his work. It was as if I wasn't there or toooooo undereducated to speak. Or maybe it was I have NO MFA. I didn't mind.

Bob doesn't have an MFA either even though Gail does but they both have studios but...

Before I forget, on the way to Santa Fe we stopped to visit my old friend photographer John Running and his daughter Rachel and his son JP in Flagstaff. He studio filled with Indian and American treasures has been there across from the Monte Vista Hotel for over the 33 years I've known John. After a pleasant nite at Motel 6 we met at Martan's a breakfast place on San Francisco street. It was started by an old Black woman and its the finest in the four state area.

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