Monday, November 7, 2011

traveling thru

Like in Bansky's "Exit Through the Gift Shop" the character,Thierry Guetta, photographs everything ...much like I do. Sometimes women don't like that. Once I turned my camera on porn star Nina Hartley in the Mandurian rest.  across from King's Row on Beverly Blvd. in LA. She and Iras, her partner got pissed and said I couldn't shoot them, even though I had known both of them for years. Something similar happened in Santa Fe when i turned my camera on Susan McMeans, my ex girlfriend from Taos days. Up came the hand. Later in the same day I turned my camera on Sherry, my ex girlfriend from Boulder when i was at Univ. of Colorado. Up came the hand. Finally I asked Gail to raise her hand. An allegiance of sorts.

We left Santa Fe and took the backroad to Taos stopping in Chimayo, NM that has the holy dirt and chillies. Then to Truchas and down into Rancho de Taos, my old residence from 1969 to 1971. We got a room at the Sagebrush Inn where my parents stayed when they visited me. Gail roasted her breasts at the hearth or sat outside and read.

Gail was getting tired of meeting all the people there was to meet so I kept Dennis and Sylvia a secret till we got to the hills above Arroyo Seco, northeast of Taos. Dennis was Susan MnMeans brother and I had known him and his wife over 40 years. I pulled over across from the Tewa or Taos Indian land and dialed Dennis' number. A voice said I had travelled outside the range allowed. I went to turn around and came face to face with their sign "Luftig". I called out and Dennis and Sylvia after 40 years of marriage and two grown children were outside on their adobe roof watching the sunset. Bravo. Inside they showed us their handmade art and I shot their hands together (Dennis on the left)

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