Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tucson Now

For the first time since moving to Tucson over 2 years ago I felt sane enough to work in my yard. The weather was perfect and the sun was behind clouds. I wanted to edit some of my giant blue agave stems or leaves that were dead and I borrowed from my friend Steve Romaniello his shears. But they didn't work and I switched to a surreated kitchen knife and that cut through the leaves like butter. Even so, the points cut into my hand till i was bloody.

Then I cooked myself some eggs and turkey sausage.

Then I went to an opening then for pizza with Bob Dylan, and some of his admirers- Miki, Karen and Gail and Steve Romaniello.

I had to say a word or two for a video being made on the photographers that did the photos for "Tucson Shots Rock" so after pizza we walked over to the pop up gallery and spoke about shooting Madonna, Jagger, Debbie Harry and Stiv Bators of the Dead Boys.  I mentioned my loft above the Old Garden restaurant on w. 29th st. Afterwards a couple came up to me and mentioned she used to live in my old building long after I left. I added a remark about the cockroaches and the back room with floor to ceiling windows looking up at the fog lit Empire State building. She even mentioned Australian Richard and claimed he was still living there 35 years later! Richard wore tights and a long flowing shirt.

It was raining this morning so we couldn't drive over to the swapmeet and eat San Salvadoran eggs and the coffee is miserable at Frank and Francescos so we went to Bobo's on Grant near Country Club but we made the mistake of sitting at the counter which meant we stared down the short oder cook and the grease...the grease. Now its hours lateer after watching Antonioni's La Notte and Gail's in bed with a sore stomach and I'm on my way for a hike in the desert with Carl.

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