Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What Can You do For Me

I just went to pick up my prints of Harry, Jagger, Madonna and Stiv Bators from the pop up gallery created by David Olsen, publisher of Zocalo magazine. Entitled "Tucson Shots Rock" it ran parallel to Terry Etherton's exhibition of Baron W. and Lynn Goldsmith's rock pictures and Tucson's Museum of Modern Art Rock photos originally curated by the Brooklyn Museum.
When David put the show together I explained I couldn't put any money into the show and he offered to have three of the prints printed by Photographic Works and framed by Nathan. He kept saying the Madonna prayer shot was his favorite. I figured he'd buy it at a discounted price we'd agree on. Instead when I went minutes ago to pick up the shots he asked if I was going to give him a print (selling for over $1000). After two trips to my car he amended that to "did I want to give him a print". "No", I make my living from sales of prints.
I wanted him to get me credentias to shoot the annual rodeo as though for his mag in exchange for him being able to use the shots I made . He wanted to know what I would do for him if he did fill out the one pager that the rodeo wanted. I pointed out he could use the photos I shot. He said if he wanted shots of the rodeo, he'd shoot them. He suggested I do a shot on assignment for Zocalo. Nope. His magazine had benefitted plenty from the exhibition and I'm sure he had done swaps for a great deal of the work and cost put into the show.

By the time I was leaving he was suggesting I buy him a beer. I agreed to buy him a beer when i had $5.

Hi Eric. I did not give you permission to take a photo of me nor did I give you permission to post it online. I herby request that you immediately remove the photo of me on your blog.

Thank you.

what a guy David Olsen is:

Hi Joan:

My name is David Olsen and I'm the publisher of Zocalo Tucson Magazine. I wanted to bring to your attention a gentleman by the name of Eric Kroll. Eric has been trying to gain media credentials to the Tucson Rodeo by using our Magazine as a cover. However, Eric is not a representative of Zocalo Magazine nor does he do work for us in any capacity. If he should contact you under the guise of Zocalo and ask for media credentials, please reject his request. As far as I know, he does not work for any media in town.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact me. I've also cc'd Eric on this email so that he is also clear on where we stand with this issue.

Thank you,
David Olsen
Publisher, Zocalo Magazine

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