Sunday, December 18, 2011

Car Club Christmas party

One of my two favorite nephews, Adam, belongs to a car club,Severed Ties.  I never was a club joiner but my daughter Willa belongs to a sorority and my friend Bonge is President of the NY chapter of the Hell's Angels so I guess...Anyway, last night I got to Phoenix with the gas gauge on empty along with my wallet so I went looking for Adam. He was at his car club Christmas Party in the back of a pork bbq place off Interstate 17. A lot of the guys I had met before. All the men were dressed in black and many had plugs in their ears and shorts below their knees. They raffled off the gifts and  was told that someone didn't own his gift until it had been stolen 3 times.

A man called 'Turtle'

I suggested I do a group shot and pointed to the staircase. They made a specific hand signal and beautiful Natalie,

my friend and Santa helper, googled and found their hand signal signified "point of order". Humm I wonder what that means.

The icing on the Christmas cake came in a rare shot of me and my nephew and my niece Kailee.

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  1. Hey this Car Club Christmas party is wonderful. Everyone is looking so happy in these photos. I am also planning to host a supercar themed family party on my son’s birthday and thinking to reserve some domestic San Francisco event venues for that.