Monday, December 19, 2011

Family and Friends ...2 out of three "f's" in my life

Nothing is sweeter 4 those that know what i mean. When I came back from East Hampton I stayed with my lawyer, x brother in law, old friend Joel Stern.  Some of the doormen remembered me and  I remembered them. Joel loves to ice skate, visit friends in Europe and cook. The first nite he cooked

in his bare feet. Some things one never forgets...Leah came and so his son, Andrew (a favorite nephew).

I've been lucky. I can find my way in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Tucson. I stayed a day too long in Manhattan, I had shot something on every street in San Francisco and knew LA. But what it really means to me is I have many friends in many places.
Jim from LA. Poet, pornographer, printer, collector

San Francisco with Helena and Maya on a sleep over the nite I flew to Taschen's 25th anniversary party in Sorrento, Italy

Justin Garla, owner of the Shooting gallery on Larkin in SF. He gave me a one man show in 2003 and part of a group show with Robert Williams, and

Winston Smith

Willa and Sobel upon graduation from USD

Gail and I on our first date

Fabulous Lillian

Jayme Langford

Richard Taylor and Andy Warhol by Helmut Newton

Simone Kross @ Dominques

Carl Hanni in Benson
Tim and Ann at Saffron Indian Bistro last year


me and Micheal Tighe

Willie Bo Richardson


Dave and Ori

Chas Ray Krider

Taylor Meade at the beach at Montauk

Steve Orlen deceased over a year

Scotland Bob

Ron Turner 


Helena Stoddard

me and Julia

me and Javier Pison in Madrid

Kayla and me in Koreantown...LA

Bob Richardson known since Bard

Maya in the photo booth that doesn't work in the Red Room that isn't there anymore in the back of the Grill that is gone

Ann Marie in the Biltmore when the pipes burst but fortunately she was wearing rubber

Iggy Poop, close friend of Adrianna's

Sarah Peterson in SF

Lystra waiting patiently outside a Valley tv station

I don't remember his name but he was a friend in LA and made the Nam June Paik pdf file

Cactus Mike, school teacher and raiser of cactus

Brandon, my Jean-Pierre LĂ©aud, the actor who played Truffaut. Brandon played me in my many videos and stills from 1994-2007. He has a son

Scott and his son Cosmo. I've known Scott since he was Cosmo's age

Zoebe. Known her since she was Cosmo's age

Arizona Alice

Ondine late nite ...gone

Rei from down under

Sarah in Paris 2 long

Benedikt Taschen @ home

Greer Lankton...gone

John Sex...gone

Poppy getting pierced by my friend Paul

Heather does art


  1. It's an honor to be included in your "f"'s. I love you brother! (or is it uncle?)

  2. Hello Eric: Am wondering if you can forward this link to Helena Stoddard (shot with her YEARS ago and have no good contact info for her). Just published an eBook with some pics she was in, and thought she might enjoy checking it out.

    View Online or Download PDF Here:

    Adam :0)