Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Manhattan...if you can make it hear You can make it anywhere

Has to b a bit random but yesterday I met up with my dear friend Mary Beth and lunched at a place, DeMarchier's,

we have dined in before (after viewing the Christo orange draped Central park -also in winter). On 86th east of Madison. Escargot and endive salad.

We then went around the corner to the Neue Museum to see the Ronald Lauder collection. Many many works I had seen in art books. Picasso, Matisse, Cezanne, Schiele, Klimt ( he recently bought Adele Bloch Bauer by Klimt for 160 million). Leah claims I found it...but I seem to remember she found the free way in. One checks their coat and takes the elevator up to the top floor, thereby avoiding the messy Museum fees. The hallway and ...(no photography allowed)

Then to Parsons to sit in on my friend. George Pitts' Parson class, Picturing Sexuality. He gave me a fine intro and asked me was it true I `taught' Richard Kern erotic photography. I told the seminar class that Richard was the only one through the many years who actually listed and got what I was saying. George

 spoke and showed slides of various photographers work like Gilles Berquet ( a friend from Paris), Larry Sultan's the Valley, art photos of porno location sets  (I made mention of Timothy Greenfield- Sanders' XXX- 30 Porn Star Portraits, whom I met again after many decades in a vegetarian restaurant Henny Garfunkel took me to on 6th st this trip)

Left there and cabbed to Oliver's on Allen and Houston (a very small tapas place with live Caribbean music) but everyone else wanted to b away from the sound so we walked up first avenue to Lil Frankies, an Italian joint.
 Micheal on his smart phone

Micheal and Eric ...phoneless but friends 4 decades (photo MaryBeth)

Leah, MaryBeth, Micheal, Ivy and me on the stoop

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