Monday, December 12, 2011

Money Honey....if i don't go crazy I'll surely lose my mind

A week ago, when I went through airport security in San Francisco on my way to Manhattan, the guy looked at my driver's license and said "there's a famous photographer that has this name".

When I arrived at my friend Willard Morgan's Larchmont Hotel (I was getting 50% off), the manager ran my debit card for $300. Declined. I let him know the arrangement Willard and I had and he then ran the card for $75. Declined. Finally it went through for $50. I went upstairs to my room and called my bank. and the automated voice told me I had $1.05.

I began this journey to visit with daughters, spending the first night in Gorman, California, an exit before Grapevine on Highway 5. After paying for the Econo Lodge room I discovered I was overdrawn. I had to borrow $200 from Richie, a client/friend. Two days later in San Francisco, I had to borrow another $200, this time from my client/friend Gino. While still in SF I had to borrow another $200 from Gail. After I got New York I had to borrow another $200 from Jim, my friend/collector. The day I took the train to East Hampton I had to borrow $50 from Carl, my fellow Bard College alumni. Yesterday my gallerist/friend Eric Firestone advanced me $300 against sales. 

Perhaps  I should change my name. Or, at least, never leave my house.

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