Friday, December 16, 2011


Main st beach in E. Hampton, NY

Kitty and Carmelo in the distance at Abbotts Lagoon beach. Pt. Reyes
Can you day sitting quietly in front of the Atlantic, the next day approaching the Pacific at Pt. Reytes...two days later waiting for the sun to rise and illuminate the Pacific ocean where Wilshire empties into the sea.

I'm certain there are some out there that are tired of my obsession on my two daughters BUT I wrote this for me and friends and they know my feelings. Willa packed me a picnic lunch and snuck in some snacks and kept telling ME to drive safe...Leah came by train 3 hrs to E. Hampton only able to attend my opening at the Maidstone for only an hour then three hours back to the city for a commitment. Wow...I am rich with family.

me and Willa and Leah at Willa's sorority father daughter weekend a yr or so ago.

I drove with Carmelo and Nina at dawn to Pt. Reyes to photograph Todd's oyster operation. I've met two 
people who I knew had evolved as beings -one was George Romero, the filmmaker and the other was Russell Means, the Sioux Inidan activist (I was on assignment for Der Spiegel and Means had just gotten out of prison for his role in Wounded Knee on the Ogalala Sioux reservation. I had arranged to meet him at his double wide trailer home but he never showed up. A year later I'm living on the road in my rv with my then wife, Lynka and I'm in the hardware store and run smack into Russell. I confronted him "You stood me up!" His face broke into a smile and the creases and cracks in his face looked like Grand Canyon. I think he liked my gumption.He invited us to visit with him and other DSioux warriors that took over part of a neighboring National Park. We went and certain days sat around a campfire learning Ogalala Sioux with Russell sitting beside me. Anyway, Todd strikes me as one on a particular journey that approaches something higher then most of us get 2. It is the way he is part of his world and his world is physical with responsibility. 

Shannon and Todd

Heidi and Todd

Down the road and to the right lives Kitty and Louis. Both old friends. I've known Louis since the early seventies. He is a tech wonder. He's worked with photoshop since photoshop2 since the beginning. He's a map maker for the He is the definition of tech savy. I'm not. When I sent him the portrait of him below he had two comments "that little camera takes good photos" and "good shot of the bbq".  He lives with Kitty who attacks information like its bread and water. Her hair changes in a good way and her smile remains one of the constants in my life. I want to walk with her and listen to her but that only happens occasionally at a beach or in a garden.



the outside sitting area

their kitchen...homage to Irving Penn

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