Monday, December 5, 2011

San Francisco Just b4 Manhattan

I am enjoying this literary/photo journey but can't keep up. I will try and work back to Thanksgiving.  Yesterday my friend Ron Turner invited me (and Willa, my youngest daughter) to an invisible Mansion called the Pritikin Museum owned by Bob Pritikin, one time saw player, millionaire. Take Delores to 30th st, make a right then a left on Chenery st. Enter through a garage to open land hidden away in Glen Park. Ron was helping yet another artist friend, Guy Colwell whose work was sprinkled liberally throughout the 2 story house.  As I walked through the sculptures and alongside the mirrored pool I ran into my friend Robert Fynn Johnson, Curator Emeritus Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, author of two books of anonymous photographs and the host for a "famous" Christmas Holiday party where I met the beautiful Farrah Spott from Alaska and the fine artist, Jan Wurm. Also Winston Smith whom I showed with at Shooting Gallery (famous for his collage covers of the Dead Kennedys).
Ron looks like Santa . He always has, so I set up a shot with one of his artist friends whispering to him what she wanted for Christmas. Ron also hosts an infamous Christmas party for Last Gasp, his publishing and distribution company (Zap Comics thank you). I remember attending some years ago and watching Ron come in with a weakened, dying Timothy Leary hanging onto Ron's left shoulder.

I am about to board Jet Blue to see Leah. (photo by Amy Sampson)

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