Saturday, December 10, 2011

What Should I Wear? Elements of Style. My daughter Leah and her bf Bradley Carroll

Ah the next generation. All this belongs to them.

I have no idea about tumblr, Never been there but Leah and Bradley Carroll, her significant other, own it. (In my opinion). It seems that Leah, a living, moving, breathing `style'), goes out every morning wearing her (self) and its chaotic and wonderful and Bradley (who had the grace to walk me out into the rain to point the way to the L from the No Name bar we were drinking in in Brooklyn-happy birthday Torie, the Juliette Moore of Brooklyn dreams) came up with the idea of recording her every morning with his iphone as she left the house...with her dog. Many items were hand made. Brilliant u 2.

Eric wants to run on the beach but I am concerned that I might step on my mother's ashes

It's grey and over cast in E. Hampton. I think I will walk to the beach

the copyright belongs 2 them

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