Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weegee Is

My mother, Lynn Kroll, would drag us kids to museums all the time when I was growing up. Consequently, I go to museums all the time and drag my two daughter to them...if they haven't already been tot he exhibition. I feel like I'm learning. I'm an art snob anyway but that's what I know.
Even though I have been to countless exhibitions only a few stand out...1972 Diane Arbus curated by  John Szarkowski at MOMA; 2003 Diane Arbus Revelations. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; I was living in SF at the time and would go every 3 weeks and visit only one gallery of her exhibit then leave. I got progressively more and more depressed because this was the work I or anyone else should be doing. On the last the last gallery I was on the edge of giving up my profession when I felt the presence of a body next to me...very close to me looking at the same Arbus image on the wall. Not wanting to be obvious, I slowly moved my eyes up from her heels to her stockings to her handsome short skit to her severe blouse to finally her face....BUT it wasn't a her was a him with a beard. I turned to him, smiling, and said "you saved my career as a photographer...I was so humbled by Arbus' portraits I was about to give up BUT YOU are more interesting then anything on the walls!"
I had the same terrible existenial dread on a Neal Cassidy gonzo drive across the states from Tucson to NYC. I walk up in the cheapest hotel just east of Amarillo, Tx knowing I was broke with no prospects of money, borrowing as I went down the road...why?...etc etc. I came out of my room and came upon the cleaning couple with their cart filled with cleaning products (thank you Tom Waits).Their faces carried all the sorrow and pain and futility of the 99%. I aske dif I could take their picture and they said yes. When she found out I was from Tucson she said she had `tramped' there. He told me he had once been a photographer. When I left I left them some money and he some film. Later I was eating at Subway's off 40 and he came in smiling saying that wass the best tip he had ever had.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Audrey...`piece of ass'

She's cranky in the morning. I asked her why and she said I never get up till 4 pm Cause I work till 4 am. "Don't ask me about shit in the morning" and went into the bathroom to deal with blood. I've been friends with Audrey since by a bike boyfriend and moped around for the first month I knew her. She worked the wine bar on 4th and Main in downtown LA and men knew her work schedule if you know what I mean. She was a street girl but she wasn't. She lived in a downtown loft and just before she was booted out she had about thirty people going in and out for a month painting every inch. She arrived one nite late with a car filled with her things. It was raining and I parked my car on the street so she could leave her car in my protected garage. It was 2 am and my Frankenstein landlord who lived next door came out and pounded on her car saying the lease SAID only my car could occupy my spot. "No" Frankie said. She spent three days in white high waisted cotton underwear and we sat on the couch and watched movies.

Audrey putting `hot' back into HOTEL

"Timothy Leary Eat Me"

she and I have the same dumb phone

I've been travelling. Dr. Peter says its my manic phase of my by polar world. OK. But similar things exist all over the world. For example, the mural on a tank outside Kayenta, Az heading south and the mural on Main street next to the liquor store in Santa Monica where I bought my limes.

I'm in LA to again visit the Weegee show at MOCA and to pick up my work from Prism LA gallery where I had a exhibit in late July to Sept. Afterwards Hugh Williams, photographer and former student of mine in NYC, went to Lemonade at 9001 Beverly Blvd. Simple honest fd.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The reason To Re Elect Obama IS

He is the only candidate who thinks before he speaks. He isn't doing sound bites. He's processing and reasoning. Not so these other fools. Why vote for someone who promises to promote privilege- the right to pursue happiness aka greed like Mitt says.
The other thing I can't believe is the disappearance of coca cola. I never thought that would happen in my lifetime. I like classic coke in a can. Gone. replaced by RC cola or Pepsi. Hate them. It like the redominance of Chase Bank. For years Chase Manhattan was on the wane. Not anymore.Things happen.

A passing woman thought a jet plane caused this formation. I don't think so. It was 83 years  ago to the day that Lee Miller left Man Ray and moved back to Manhattan to open a photo studio with her brother.

I think the border crisis is Obama's equivalent to Roosevelt's New Deal. The only jobs in the area are border patrol jobs. Its an army. No Park Rangers did I find at Organ Pipe National Park but I found 3 Border Patrol vehicles parked in an arroyo ...waiting. Driving south from Tucson making my midnite run  I'd be shocked back by the sudden appearance next to Highway 86 of a parked police cr except it wasn't was border people. At one point the car behind me put on its flashing lights and I figured I had another speeding ticket. Nope. The BP sped by leaving me to calm down.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

You Probably Think This Blog is about you...don't you

I have ended more friendships with something I said or didn't say than most people have friends. This is not a case of inflated ego but rather thin skin. Mr. X, my close friend for the past 5 years made a documentary
about the neighborhood he grew up in. (I have to close my eyes. I drove all nite to get to the 'super' Indian market in Kayenta, Az and I'm in my log cabin room at the Desert Rose Inn in Bluff, Utah after taking a hot bath and I can't keep my eyes open)

I'm awake and its after midnite in Bluff, what appears to be a white town which i have no interest in and will go find Indian when its light. For the [ast several days I've been doing what I most love doing- sawing wood up on BLM land designated for firewood harvesting in Oracle and wandering through the Indian market in Kayenta, Az. To cut the wood one has to get a permit from the forest ranger, Mac, a VERY big but, seemingly gentle, Black man. Mac played baseball in the Air Force. It costs $20 for two cords worth of mesquite. He gives you coupons for 1/4 cord take out and after one has filled the back of one's truck with wood one leaves a numbered (your permit number) tag on a standing tree. The half feld trees made the place look at dusk like the aftermath of a civil war battle.

I spent another twenty dollars on wood a few days later in Kayenta when a young man pulled in to the gas station i was in with a truck load. He sold me a fat row of cedar (pinion) he had gotten from a low mt. range he pointed to he said was 80 miles away. Some of the grey wood is so beautiful i won't ever burn, just keep it to look at. it.

If I could make a living from it, I'd shoot trees. Last year I gave cut agave leafs I found cut and left to be picked up on which I would carve with a kitchen knife "Happy Holidays", etc. I probably gave out more than a dozen from Tucson to LA ro SF. This year I began making "Branchcuzis"

 by sawing away small branches from interesting shaped longer thicker branches i would find by the side of the road to Florence (rt. 79) on the old Tom Mix highway. I've done two so far-one to Anne and Tim on Christmas eve dinner at Safron on Oracle rd and the other to Karen on her birthday, They are each numbered (edition of 100) and signed.
Yesterday afternoon I drove from Kayenta towards Farmington to sit and stare at Shiprock but it was too far. I stopped at the Mexican Water Restaurant expecting mediocre food. Wrong. The beans were like dirt which I like and the batter on the chili relleno was better than I have had in years.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

More party

I'm writing this from rm 130 at the Best Western Space Age Lodge in Gila Bend and its cold...The Gila Bend Sun claims that in 2011 there were 142 days over 100degrees. When i was first in NYC (circa 1971) and I'd make from a commercial job (i.e. the poster image of a silouette of a naked man and  woman for a new Unisex shop at Bloomingdales) at least three hundred dollars I'd take off. That was enough money to fly to Guatamala City then take second class buses slowly up through Guatamala- walk across the Mexican border - again get on a Mexican second class bus and end up in Merida and fly back to NYC. That's where I learned to take photographs or rather not to take them in the noon day sun ( shadows 2 deep). Now if I make money- particularly unexpected- I get in my truck and drive. I would have gone to the Kayenta Indian market but it's due to snow and its mid week and not on the weekend -SO I drove south after dinner ewith Steve Romaniello and his oldest friend and his friend and Tim Fuller at Don's Bayou at Mt. Lemon turnof and Tanque Verde.
 Carl Hanni cut the smoked turkey made for me by Don of Don's Bayou.
 Beautiful Hayley waited impatiently for Carl to finish

Richard Weiss, Hayley's uncle looked at photographs left around the livingroom.
from the outside looking in. That's beautiful Robin and beautiful Mikki and...


That's beautiful Nancy on the far right. Next to her is Elliot then comes beautiful Gail then comes beautiful Mikki and her friend

That's Mike, my cactus expert, in the silver ponytail. and Chuck and his wife beautiful Phyllis in the middle.

That's beautiful Heather in the bright orange vintage one piece from Montgomery Ward via my walk-in closet. That's the back of Wayne talking to the front of Carl

That's Nico, the womanizer, making out with (I'll never tell)

That's Danny, the entrepeneur and guitarist

That's Wayne and Heather studying two shots by Weegee that hang over my bed.

That's beautiful Crystal cutting the pecan pie made by Don of Don's Bayou. she is the mother of Lucienne and the mate of Niam.

from left to right. that's Aaron next to Michelle. Across from Michelle is Beth (married to Aaron), Carlos and Danny. nice

Nico in jingle bells, etc. in my backyard

ladies in the hot tub clothed by my closet. Michelle in the middle is wearing a Sear's 
Sea stars orange vintage one piece and Beth is wearing a yellow one piece `styled by’ Lee swimplay suit.

Before I mo ved to Tucson permanently I had a dinner party hosted with Maya, who designs underwear for "forever Twenty One". Jackie Alpers the photographer and her husband was there and Teddy  who I forget. Only Maya I had known for years. Wayne Belcher, and his date arrived late and while they lingered at the unopened front door I asked my guests to disrobe so that Wayne would come into a room filled with naked people. We were to act like nothing out of the ordinary was happening. We were naked over supper when they walked in! Later we played Twister in the living room and still later naked in the pool and hot tub but that was before I was aware of the evil Home Owners association.


Years previously I did the same thing after dinner with my folks who wintered in Tucson then drove to Ajo and stayed in an undignified motel. This time I arrived after midnite and the first dump wouldn't let me see a rm. The next wouldn't allow me to open a window for fresh air. I drove north to Gila Bend which I have visited  many ties as a short cut around Phoenix. Again I stay at the Best Western Space Age Lodge and eat my breakfast at the Space Age  Family Dining restaurant.

I downloaded porn while waiting for my eggs and listened to the sweet sounds of the Four Tops and Otis Reddings' "Can't Turn Me Loose". This is living.
When I went back to Ajo I ate across from Family Dollar and took a profile of the waitress at the Marcela cafe.

I then drove to Why and headed south to the Organ Pipe National Park, stopping at Rosalia's Rock.
She had a coffee cup tree. The woman told me mysteriously cups were sometimes gone...disappeared.