Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I have had one other party with  my friend Marcy who got married (to someone else on Friday) at my house two Christmas' ago. I know a lot more people now and wanted all 2 b perfect. Never is. I slowly cleared the tsubami but by 2 pm on january 1 the guest bathroom, the kitchen, the livingroom , the workspace, and the Arizona room still looked like madness. Carl Hanni, my friend and dj for the party came in and start to "clear a path". I wasn't worried. He said it was horrific. The first guests arrived right on the dot of 4 pm.
But let me digress....
When I heard days earlier that there would be no Christmas tree pick-ups in front of one's house but rather five different drop off points around Tucson I developed a plan. I went to Udall Park and began to bring back to my backyard- three Christmas trees at a time! I wanted to create a backyard Paik. An homage to Nam June Paik, the great video artist. I had worked for him and collaborated with him for years when we were both in NYC. I remember his tv forest at the Martha Jackson gallery (a larger room filled with plants and the only light came from many small television monitors showing paints) or the "Fish tv" piece he made which was three long lines of elevated aquariums each with a tv monitor right up against the glass of the fish tank showing fishes swimming around. I made a forest of Christmas trees in my backyard and placed to vhs monitors in amongst them playing two golf instruction videos. On the left was Ken Venturi’s Encyclopedia of Golf vol 1 and playing in the right monitor was Arnold Palmer's "Play Great Golf". At one point- I swear to God- it seemed like the same person was in both videos. That's how tight it was.

 People have lysol spray in their bathrooms...I put discarded Christmas wreaths and branches in my tub and shut the door.

Since Nancy was with the first group to arrive at the party and she had said "what can i dod", I asked her to add tinsel to the trees. She looked at me astonished. .”You want a good Jewish girl to hang tinsel!" Then she patted my forearm and quietly pointed out she had never had anything to do with tinsel.
But let me digress... The night before the party I was driving around northeast of the center of town-still city but not densely populated. Suddenly I noticed a big blue glowing ball cross low across the sky in the direction of the Catalina Mts. There is no airport in that direction.
The next morning- the morning of the party- I went out into my backyard to pick up some wood for the fire and there was a bobcat. He paced with conviction then jumped up on the wall and sauntered away with extreme confidence. I reminded him that the invitation read 4 pm not 6:30 am.
below is the invite I sent out:

"Calling All You Dancers"* heard at a Blood Indian pow wow circa 1980

dj Carl Hanni doing the music

4 pm till closing
bring your bathing suit for hot tub if u dare

best to leave the kids at home because of all the adult material on the wall.

smoked turkey from Don's Bayou 

and nopales as a side and Cartel and Le Buzz coffee
otherwise potluck

Rsvp to kroll

Get to Kolb and Sunrise and make a right up the hill to the Ventana Gate house @
6740 E. Ventana Canyon Dr.
Tucson, 85750
And ask directions to : Eric Kroll

Ps: anyone that came over 200 miles can sleep on a couch or floor if necessary

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