Thursday, January 19, 2012

Audrey...`piece of ass'

She's cranky in the morning. I asked her why and she said I never get up till 4 pm Cause I work till 4 am. "Don't ask me about shit in the morning" and went into the bathroom to deal with blood. I've been friends with Audrey since by a bike boyfriend and moped around for the first month I knew her. She worked the wine bar on 4th and Main in downtown LA and men knew her work schedule if you know what I mean. She was a street girl but she wasn't. She lived in a downtown loft and just before she was booted out she had about thirty people going in and out for a month painting every inch. She arrived one nite late with a car filled with her things. It was raining and I parked my car on the street so she could leave her car in my protected garage. It was 2 am and my Frankenstein landlord who lived next door came out and pounded on her car saying the lease SAID only my car could occupy my spot. "No" Frankie said. She spent three days in white high waisted cotton underwear and we sat on the couch and watched movies.

Audrey putting `hot' back into HOTEL

"Timothy Leary Eat Me"

she and I have the same dumb phone

I've been travelling. Dr. Peter says its my manic phase of my by polar world. OK. But similar things exist all over the world. For example, the mural on a tank outside Kayenta, Az heading south and the mural on Main street next to the liquor store in Santa Monica where I bought my limes.

I'm in LA to again visit the Weegee show at MOCA and to pick up my work from Prism LA gallery where I had a exhibit in late July to Sept. Afterwards Hugh Williams, photographer and former student of mine in NYC, went to Lemonade at 9001 Beverly Blvd. Simple honest fd.

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