Sunday, January 15, 2012

The reason To Re Elect Obama IS

He is the only candidate who thinks before he speaks. He isn't doing sound bites. He's processing and reasoning. Not so these other fools. Why vote for someone who promises to promote privilege- the right to pursue happiness aka greed like Mitt says.
The other thing I can't believe is the disappearance of coca cola. I never thought that would happen in my lifetime. I like classic coke in a can. Gone. replaced by RC cola or Pepsi. Hate them. It like the redominance of Chase Bank. For years Chase Manhattan was on the wane. Not anymore.Things happen.

A passing woman thought a jet plane caused this formation. I don't think so. It was 83 years  ago to the day that Lee Miller left Man Ray and moved back to Manhattan to open a photo studio with her brother.

I think the border crisis is Obama's equivalent to Roosevelt's New Deal. The only jobs in the area are border patrol jobs. Its an army. No Park Rangers did I find at Organ Pipe National Park but I found 3 Border Patrol vehicles parked in an arroyo ...waiting. Driving south from Tucson making my midnite run  I'd be shocked back by the sudden appearance next to Highway 86 of a parked police cr except it wasn't was border people. At one point the car behind me put on its flashing lights and I figured I had another speeding ticket. Nope. The BP sped by leaving me to calm down.

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