Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Above Bat Cave In the Blue Ridge Mts and the Smokies of NC

I'm attending the Diane and Shirrel Road (es) show. For all meals I am seated between them so that they can feed their managerie of 2 cats and 2 dogs. Champ-a chocolate lab mix- 13 years old, Stinky - a Bichon- ? ? old (a Key West rescue) blind and deaf, Mew Mew - a black tuxedo cat- at least 14 yrs old but "acts like a kitten"; Angel a white cat about nine years old (a shelter rescue).

It's my daughter. Leah's 28th birthday and she's in Brooklyn and I'm on a ridge so I'm playing Jersey Girl by Springstein and Diamonds and Rust by Baez and thinking of Leah ...beautiful Leah.Wishing her strength...wishing her happiness. "Life has been marvelous, all the experiences good and bad I have enjoyed". Happy birthday. I wish I was there over chinese or at the bar or walking with you through rain water.

(George Bernard Shaw Drank Mother's Milk In His Coffee Every Morning 1985) Leah @ one.

with Aaron Hawks and Drew and I don't remember the other fellow's name in my SF kitchen

me and Leah in a wine bar on Grant in SF. photo by Amy Sampson

with Willa at the father daughter weekend at USD last yr

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