Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bull Rider in the Men's Room

It's colder in the Texas Panhandle then I expected. I spent another nite sleeping well in my truck in the 24 hr Wal Mart parking lot.

 For whatever reason, the angle I sleep in lets me pee better than sleeping in my bed flat on my back. I'm in Sulphur Springs and I've already been pulled over for (supposedly) speeding in a residential area.
Everyone wears camouflage fashion- I mean everyone. It's nine thirty am and the line inside for Mickey D's is out the door. I am also impressed by the use of fine art b&w photos in the eating area.

At day break I went and changed in the Wal Mart men's room and when I came out a fellow was washing his hands. I asked where the local Starbuck's was. He told me he was a bull rider from Texarkana and on his way to Ft. Worth. He didn't know. I asked if I could take his photo. After a while his buddy came in and commented how f..... up it was to take photos in the bathroom.

I feel like Tom Waits when he would stand alone in Santa Rosa in front of Denny's, I believe, and observe people. I'm in McDonald's shooting people in the booth in front of me. I was struck on how much I could tell what the dad would like from the way his two boys looked.

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