Sunday, February 12, 2012

Colin Rae

I met this most interesting fellow many years ago in Oakland through Simone Cross ( Mistress). He smiled alot and was correctly obsessed with women's feet and thanked me for editing the Elmer Batter's book published by TASCHEN. We often enjoyed Indian food, models, and inexpensive cigars. He worked for Tower Records till he moved to Nashville to work for another record label after being beaten up by a gang of young men on Treasure Island (between SF and Oakland) while walking to keep his blood pressure low.
He has his model's names in script tattooed on his hands. I hadn't seen him in many years and his hands r covered.

Colin consoling a (girl) friend stranded across town.

Colin shoots polaroid like a cinematographer

When I first met him he told me he tells the women that he will never have sexual intercourse with his models...just enjoy their feet. He has been known to spend all night awake shooting a model while she sleeps. Obsession?

I have the same flesh colored dolls. 

His house in Nashville has red walls like my hair mistress and friend, Dagny, on Capp street in SF. And collects like Dagny, Coop and me.

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