Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I for got to mention

When i was in LA at the Bayshore- around the corner from the "view",

 I shot. First I called Ori Small aka Ashley Blue and told her I wanted to do a shoot centered around a borrowed electric powered power saw.  She was as always into it.  we shot various variations- all 2 graphic for my blog and many included a woman that was there to interview Ori because of her new book. She ended up in the final shot "Only One Of The Girls Was On The Rag".

The best part was the noise of the chain saw and the hotel maid's walking past. Didn't seem to phase anyone.


  1. someone reminded me that there is a great line from the film "heathers"

    "fuck me slowly with a chainsaw heather" it is now her screen saver and she reads your blog on the regular she is a writer and enjoys all that you have to offer...

  2. correction.... "fuck me gently with a chainsaw...do I look like mother Teresa"