Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'm in Florence, Arizona not Italy

and I'm not in prison but in the L&B Inn eating chili relleno and its not an Inn. For the past two weeks I've been going so strong and sleeping so little that I drive somewhat short of `sleep at the wheel'. I drove south to Ajo and Why (mentioned in an earlier blog entry) then to the Four Corners area to the Kayenta Indian market (also earlier entry) and collect orange colored Navaho holy dirt. Then to LA to see again the Weegee exhibit and the Wallace Berman and Robert Heinecken "Speaking In Tongues" exhibit at the Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena, as a part of the 60 LA artist exhibits dating from 1945 to 1985.
Then to work north of San Diego with my buyer of 60's and 70's pin up photos. Then to the Imperial Sand
Dunes west of Yuma to collect white sand at midnight under the stars. Then into Yuma to shop for old things. then to Sedona to gather red clay.

My friend Morrighan produced another arts weekend this time at the Monterrey Court at 505 W. Mile High in Tucson called "Mercury Portal". Below is my friend Naim Amor singing to his son, Lucien, in my room sized sandy diorama .

    About two years before my friend, Carl Hanni, got me involved in "Atomic Ten", a night of creative acts and music set in the Flamingo Hotel, a fifties style motel. I produced "Mr. Rabbit is Pleased To Announce His Lecture On The Tits And Ass of Art". I wore my vintage gigantic black rabbit head, shorts, two different colored socks. 

    (me at Easter 2011 on my way to Eric Firestone's house for Beth Rudin DeWoody's birthday dinner)

    The five pretty local girl models wore from my collection and hung
    framed photographs from my collection around their necks. As each beauty came out of the room I described what they were wearing around their necks. That was an important nite because I met David Sygal, Heather Wodrich and Destany. David had a long lens and a queer smile and wore serious hiker shorts and a pro multi pocket shooter vest. He scurred around taking candid shots of the pretty women. After my short Mr. Rabbitt piece the girls were changing back into their own clothes in a motel rrom given over to me for that purpose. Not nothing well any of the women I left them alone and waited outside on the balcony. Not so smiling David. Boldly and incorrectly in went in without knocking. Moments later he came back out smiling sheepishly like he had been caught doing something naughty ...which he had. weirdo I thought. That was confirmed after the event was over and I was walking to my car. I saw David and asked if I could see what he shot of my 'lecture'. He suggested we go out for food. It was midnite and we went in separate cars to the Grill, an all nite dinner with a music stage and bar, the Red Room, separate but attached and now GONE. It took several nites but I have grown to very much like David. He's like Tom Waits' description of one of his band members passing on the blame to the member's wayward parents. There is something not quite right with David. But he's harmless which the world doesn't know yet. 

    After the girls had gotten dressed and left I was sitting alone in the changing room when in walked Destany, one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. She looked around with almond eyes and asked what this was all about. I told her and she said she wanted to model. Never one for propriety, I suggested we start now and she, a little stoned, got naked. We did explosive shots, the first I had taken of any worth since moving to Tucson. She didn't read...she stripped in town, she had a daughter named Patton. I shot her continiously for over 2 years and still do when I get a chance.

    And then there was Heather...

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