Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jeff Seaver, Michael Ziebarth, Ed Caddy, Ron Kurash, Kord Keller and me

There were others and even women like Libby Bianchi and Julie Foster but those listed above were the core group. In the early 1970's we all lived on the westside of Manhattan between 23rd and 34th st, mostly along 6th avenue. Our neighborhood bar was the Bobern with its pool table ,etc. But mainly we went out every nite to Studio 54, Danceteria, and the Mudd Club. I remember Sam Bruskin on acid pulling his hair and Ron trying to comfort him. I remember late  one nite the subway was running slow and Jeff and maybe Ziebarth decided it would be fun to the track to the next station and beat the train. I remember them screaming as they disappeared down the line and high from the rush when they entered the train at the next station.
The reason all that came to mind was meeting two days ago Jnoun Serge, a Frenchman living in Morocco and here for a month marketing his fantastic dinosaur skeletons. They were magnificent but he was what interested me with his Einstein t-shirt and skeleton gloves.

 Jnoun Serge with a Zarafasaura Gceanis- translates as "lizard girafe. daughter of the ocean" 

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