Thursday, February 23, 2012

On Being with Victoria Von Helkine

I first met Victoria at a bad time in my life. A woman I still am in love with (the impossible is always the most fun...and the most wrong) had just walked out of my life and Victoria walked in. Or so I thought. It was SF and she picked out a tight dress from my closet and the highest high heels and off we went to the Kinky Salon party in the Mission district. A day later to Bondage A Go Go, etc etc until the Franklin Hotel on Union Square. I had just recognized and, spoken with, Isabella Rossellini when we got out of the elevator. We had just taken photographs deep into the nite and now we were in bed. Sometime before dawn she said (out of what I thought was the blue) "You have to leave".  What? It's 4 in the morning I reasoned. She was silent. The moment was gone and so was she.
Ever so often I'd hear from her. She was in LA or NYC or Chicago or...she had a schedule mapped out a month in advance. I try not to plan beyond the next meal. Earlier this month she was in Phoenix and drove down to Tucson and, of course, we laughed alot, took photos in the desert and didn't want 2 part but she had a date in Phoenix and again was gone prematurely. 2 days later we were lunching at Lon's at the Hermosa Inn in Paradise Valley which is near the Hyatt in Scottsdale where Victoria was staying.

I headquartered the crew and actresses at the Hermosa when I made "Girdle Gulch" 1 and 2. I have made many iconic images there...Arizona Alice sucking her soapy toe...etc. etc.
Victoria and I ate lunch

she smoked a cigarette and

 then drove to the Heard Museum so I could show her the Goldwater room filled with fine Kachinas.

Then I had to get her back to the Hyatt for her dinner date. I took the Tom Mix Highway back to Tucson wondering what love's got to do with it.

I think she's in LA but I could b wrong. I could go online and check her schedule but I'm not going to.

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