Friday, March 16, 2012

Del Rio, Texas ...go ask Sam

I'm just north of Del Rio in Comstock, Tx which has a tiny motel (my favorites) and a holding pen for illegal immigrants directly across from my room. I think the "crisis" along the border is a government program to kick start the economy. It must be the chief employer in the southwest.
The other industry that gets in my way is oil. The oil workers get put up at the same hotels and motels I like to stay in and that ends up jacking the price or filling all the rooms. My one ccriteria is I must be able to pull up in front of my room because of all the sh... I acquire on the road.
Anyhow...the sun is rising and i remember driving south of the Mason- Dixon line in '66 on my way to attend the University of Colorado in Boulder. My parents refused to pay for anymore schooling at Bard College.  I recall telling my father, after beating him at chess, that I was stoned on pot. That was the nail and now I was with Sam Bruskin and we were heading west via the south. y parents had specifically instructed me NOT to drive through the south in the Sixties. Yeah. Nothjing much happened except in MIssissippi, high on black beauties (amphetamine), I went to pass a car and it suddenly made a left turn right into me. No one was hurt and not much vw beetle damage. The driver of the other car was twelve!
Almost to New Orleans we started getting Wolfman Jack on the radio...coming from Del Rio, Texas. That became our destination. When we got there we discovered the Wolfman was relayed from LA! I had long hair and Sam looked no better. At a downtown cafe I ordered cinnamon toast and tea and when the waitress called it into the kitchen every red neck turned in my direction. I got it to go and we got away. Last night there was NO ONE in downtown Del Rio and I kept going.
The three years I went to Boulder, I would often go down into Mexico at the border and buy 10 milligram dexatrin and put it in my sock and limp from the load back across the border. Scared me to do it. When I was a senior in high school I travelled as far as Istanbul with Kenny Lindsay from Scarborough school (discontinued today). We slept on a balcony alongside some British fellow travalers and, because we had a lot to talk about, I  stupidly took 10 10 milligrams of dex. We talked fast all nite and at dawn  saw that we were next to a Mosque and its tower almost touched our balcony. At first light a man came up the steps of the tower and chanted. I was fine until I got on the Oriental Express and my eyes were SO diliated it caused me pain all the way north.

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