Sunday, March 25, 2012

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When I stayed in Deming I knew I was a day away from home. It was Sunday and before I went to find a Sunday flea market I found the La Fonda (601 S. Pine).

Mike Witt used to live in Deming but now lives in Ardmore, Oklahoma and comes now to visit his grandchildren

I ordered huevos rancheros 1/2 red 1/2 green chili (what they term 'beauty').

I went out last nite with Gail Marcus-Orlen and we ended up at the Terry Etherton Gallery for my photographer friend, Lisa Robinson's opening - images of large bodies of water. I sat in the back looking at books while Carl Hanni spun records and I waited till people showed that I knew. Jim Reed sat down and we were identical twins except he's younger and thinner. His work is very interesting and can b seen on the Etherton website since he was in the previous show.

3 pieces by Jim...the copyright belongs to Jim Reed

I like to shop. I always have been a `picker' but the writer, Larry McMurtry, taught me the lifestyle one nite at the piano bar at the Arizona Inn. The next day i went out and bought then read `Cadillac Jack' who drives in his Cadillac buying and selling. I buy but don't sell. This here vintage pin cushion OI found in Abbeville, Louisana in an antique store. It

 is a gift for Nilsa McCaya, a fine photographer and former student of mine when I taught at the School of Visual Arts. She has sent me money when I'm broke, camera equipment when I have none, and images to amaze me. The two images below Nilsa Macaya owns the copyright 2011.

The shot below was west of Marfa, east of the Prada Marfa high heel maquet,

 where I stopped to polish the boots and saddles I had bought and fix some dinner. Note the Brancuzi bronze sculpture I bought in Abbeville, labelled "modern art". The woman bought it from the son of the owner. Humm. I wonder.

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