Friday, March 2, 2012

"i like your cologne" she said as we walked downtown Asheville

I haven't worn a scent since i gave up using brylcreem in 9th grade. I didn't want to suggest it was my pheromones since she had just laughed at her boyfriend for being concerned she was out with this fat old man. We had finished dinner at Jack of the Wood, an Irish pub with a erratic circle of violinists. I kept thinking this was Woody Allen's Manhattan or Last Tango In Paris but there was no reason to reference it outloud ...I stayed quiet and enjoyed her freshness.

I'll walk a long ways for intelligent sarcasm and she had it with curls.

Naturally, I had invited her to drive with me to Key West but my schedule wasn't hers and she said she'd go but could we leave Sunday! She told me who shae had slept with the nite before "because I needed to snuggle". When she told me to pick her up at the College Chapel it made me uncomfortable she lived on campus. I had thought she was at least on her own.
But that is what being on the road is for me- a run on sentence where one experience relates to the other. For example, the chapel reference made me think of Bard College in '64 and sitting in the chapel and listening to Bill Evans solo LIVE. When made me feel from another world that i didn't wish to visit again. Which lead me to the cover of the pamphlet book I had picked it up at Genny's in Chimney Rock.

"The Danger of False Teachers Insight From Jude" by Bill Crowder. The cover was a photo of sheep gathered together except after a while I realized among the sheep was a Wolf, staring straight at the camera...straight at me.
Last night. I pulled into a Shell gas station on highway 26 southeast of Asheville. On the wall was a sign listing what you couldn't due on the premises NO PROFANITY. In smaller type in red read: Parking lot
under jurisdiction of Spartansburg county Sheriff's department. Inside they sold fireworks. On the far wall was a glass case with products siold there for hunting including several varieties of sprays that took away "human scent".
I bought the current copy of JAIL BIRDS for Spartanburg-Cherokee-Union. Along the side were the words : ARRESTED-SEX OFFENDERS-JAILED-DETAINED-WANTED-MISSING. And I thought journalism had died via the internet. Not so. For many I'm certain it doubles as a dating tool. I.E. a small headshot of Dana Bishop and listed below her cute face was "Petit Larceny/FTC Theft/Fraud?Possession SCH-V", If she goes in and when she comes out I'll ask her to translate the initials.

Which leads me to my other female intern worker named Ms. E. She left a voice message asking if she could work that day because she had been arrested. I called her back...she had been BUSTED for shoplifting with a girlfriend at the mall. underwear and cheap jewelry.

Tomorrow to Palm Beach to deliver another Branchcuzi to my friend, Beth. Here I am holding a Branchcuzi found at a curb in the woods on 74A. Very rare- only 5 cuzis there.

photos by Diane Brady

My respect for McDonald grows and grows. It has something to do with being with the "have nots".
A family I met in McDonald's off Tunnel rd in Asheville.



3 generations. Dad told me "if someone wants to play me pool, I'll bet them whatever they want to bet".

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