Sunday, March 4, 2012

I'm with Bobby sleeping on his balcony at the Doubletree off Biscayne Blvd. in Miami Blvd

and I can see the small islands Cristo surrounded by floating purple cloth in 1983. (I shot Cristo in his Soho loft in the seventies and became friends with photographer and Cristo media co-ordinator, Wolfgang Votz, who years later directed my auxiliary flash to shoot, in b&w, Dita Von Teese do a cocktail glass striptease at the finality of Benedikt Taschen's third wedding in the Villa D'Este on Lake Como).
But now I'm alone in a booth at the Latin Cafe 2000 at 25th and Biscayne blvd and I am pleased to report no one speaks english. Cuban coffee...the best. Yesterday, lunch with Jan and Javier at the Las Vegas Cuban cafe (6,000 block of Collins in North Beach) with garlic and fried banana strips...the best.

Co incidences litter my trip. When I arrived in Ft. Worth I had little time to see the Kimbell Museum designed by Louis Kahn (I shot Kahn when I first started out. when I was a driver/pa on a Italian television doc. (RAI) they were doing on Kahn. It must have been 1972 and when the crew broke to light another scene I approached the great architect to do his portrait. I had pre-visualized him standing at the rising in the grey stone staircase in the dorm he designed at Byrn Mar college. He agreed and I placed him (impecciably dressed)- he was lit by a shaft of light and then raced across to the opposite staircase and did the shot. That portrait has been exhibited in MOMA  (NYC) and in many magazines.
In the Kimbell I raced around and shot shots of various paintings that inspired me- two J. Pollacks, a Van Gogh and an Ad Reinhardt #6, 1946 oil on masonite. I think Ad Reinhardt lived in East Hampton when my folks did in the '70s to '90's. I think he and his work is included in

New York: The New Art Scene: Photographs by Ugo Mulas by Ugo and Alan Solomon MULAS (1967).

That book started me on a career photographing artists. No one shot artists as sensitively as Mulas. Because of that book I spent three years photographing the artists of the lower eastside which included Mike Bildo, Keith Haring, and David Wojnarowicz.

(l to r) Kayo, Futura 2000, Keith Haring, Dondi


  1. Are you comin' to find me?

  2. found you. thank goodness. here in cabin #7 at Mermaid's Landing in Cedar Key, Fla. B E A U T I F U L

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