Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Lord Answers Knee Mail

A sign i just saw at the mouth of Henderson, Louisana. I stopped in at Pat's Fisherman's wharf to ask directions to a zydeco Sunday late afternoon dance. The sing song voice told me to cross the bridge and up to the stop sign and make a right and go down three roads. I went to the fourth turn and crested the levy and came upon a old wooden club surrounded by trucks. An bow-legged old man, hard of hearing, told me to back to the Whiskey River bar and music was about to start. Sure enough Horace Trahan & the Ossun Express were tuning up. A fine zydeco integrated band packed the floor. as I was leaving I noticed the bow legged old me taking a filly to the floor.
My waiter, Cabe, at Pat's recommended Pat Huval's Camp style shrimp. I asked
 him about his name and he said it was a combo of Cain and Abel. wow!
I had been to the next town (Breaux Bridge)  with Elizabeth Finkelstain after the Eric Firestone Warhol show was over. Breaux Bridge to a Cajun brunch given on Saturdays. The table I'm dining at is next to the door for the Atchafalaya Club where they are playing swamp music. I asked the elder woman at the door  what swamp music was and she said "zydeco is zydeco; cajun is cajun and swamp is swamp". I see.
My mind on this trip has been sharp.
Along the Tami Ami trail I bought a handsome sleek styrofoam cooler. In Georgia a Goodwill had a pile of new rubber high heels in different sizes and colors. I bought twenty pair. When I got to Siesta Key, Fla. to visit Becky Wild, a former student of mine when I taught at Antioch's Baltimore media center in the mid seventies. Becky

and her husband Rick were at my wedding in 1980 and we have remained close friends.  She went onto become a fine photojournalist working for the Pelican among many mags. We always had a shot and a giggle then we'd shoot something like a backroom wedding. I also became very close to her brother Mike, who fathered Cleo, same age as my daughter Leah. He was 2 beautiful for this world and now drives a bus in the after world. Through Becky I met the photographer Brad McCortney, a Faulknerian character I consider also a close friend. He and his wife Sandy were also at my wedding.
It turned out his daughter Becca was visiting from the East with her two children and husband. I hadn't seen Becca since she was 13 yrs old and I had shot her in a mermaid bathing suit on the beach with my 4x5 crown graphic. I found out her shoe size, pu a pair of rubber heels in the cooler filled with ice. "Heels On The Rocks". She loved them and so did her your daughter. They fit perfectly and cool to the touch.

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