Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pen Is Broken Please Use Finger

My traveling friend Selina, from the Linda Vista communal living village, up in Oracle said she saw this handwritten sign somewhere.
I went to an estate sale way west of me and I bought a Eartha Kitt record from the 1950's, my old photo reproductions of Vargas illustrations shot in b&w, a 1950 issue of FLAIR on Spain, and a kid's custome from the 1930's. These items took up all my money and I could buy only a tiny purple flowering cactus at the annual Tohula Chul Park cactus and succulent show.
On my way back to wifi I saw a large succulent that was uprooted in the Ina Rd. median, sheared by a drunken car. I rescued it. My friend Robert Villa, hidden away for 3 months counting and caring for tortoises will advice me on how to treat the bused plant.
Among many projects like taxes I am trying to bring together the writings, thoughts and art of Samuel Bruskin, someone I have known since the mid sixties at Bard College. I remember at break we drove down  with someone else to his family home in Metarie, just outside New Orleans. Through the years I became very fond of his parents. Edith would worry about everything and me too and, for some reason, I liked that. I remember we were both (Edith and I) in Flagstaff, probably twenty years ago and I invited her to a Hopi Kachina dance. We went to one of the Mesa villages (oldest villages in America) and I could see she was a bit horrified by the basic lifestyle of the Hopi. She gamely climbed the latter to a roof top and watched the repetitive movements of the dancers. At one point she asked "Why do they live like this?" Do you mean, why don't they play bridge and drive tot he supermarket? But she was game.
Sam, Lena and I moved to Denver and while I attended Univ. of Colorado in Boulder, Lena and Sam got jobs. I remember Sam choosing from a book a psychosis, practicing and going to the draft and getting a deferment. I remember the first day "on the hill" and meeting Terry Toole, an architectural student, who began taking LSD and got more involved with the renderings then the architecture. I eventually sort of met my wife (ex wife) Lynka through Ed Caddy through Terry Toole. Three years later we left Boulder with the intension of driving back to Woodstock, NY to start an artist commune but we got only as far as Taos, N.M. (more after a nap)

water colors by Samuel Bruskin

Maizy in Wind



Einstein's Time Machine

Fuzzy Math

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