Thursday, March 22, 2012


I'm back in Tucson. 'Available" was something I saw more often then anything else. One town had a shuttered Wal Mart. The next town had a bustling one. Shell closed. Home boarded up or worse, left open but abandoned. Screw Bank of America, f.... Wells Fargo. America screwed. Greed visible along every highway at every four way stop.
I will come back and fill in the gaps but I wanted to get some of the images from my journey UP. In Panama City, Florida I ran into the hordes of college kids on easter break.

I kept driving until I got to the western most end of the beach and found a home style seafood restaurant. Busing the tables was 15 yr old Erica and all I could think of was here was Cinderella cleaning up after her multitude of sisters and brothers.

As I was leaving I asked these elderly "On Spring break"?. No reaction

After sleeping in my truck two nights in a row I took a room at the Quality Inn in Abbeville, Louisana and ended up for breakfast at CC's cafe and met Tiffany, mother of several children.

For lunch I went to SHUCKS across the bridge from downtown. Marcie brought me my food.

and my shells 

were added to the mound in the back of the restaurant.

As dusk came on I entered Lake Charles and there sitting alone with his rudolph red lite bulbs out lining a wooden cross sat 92 yr old Sydney. I  couldn't drive by and stopped and went up to him asking if I could take his photo. He wasn't proselytizing. He was sitting quietly, a long electrical line running from his small darkened home. His wife had died ten years ago and he sat waiting.