Thursday, April 5, 2012

Last time Brancuzi...this time Guthrie

I went hiking with Carl Hanni on Sunday to Dove Mountain, just past a well manicured brown resort. Fabulous dry trails but don't look back bcause your eye will rest on the obnoxious lodge sticking its thighs
in your peaceful gaze. Afterward Carl asked if we could go check out a guy's record collection and we did. At the south edge of Catalina, Az off to the left, across a dry creek bed, a Toyota RV similar to the one I lived in for a year in 1980-81. It seems this fellow has parties and there were bbq pits and party paraphernalia and a 9mm gun high on his waist. His card read "Blind Faith". I noticed a handsome cross mde of mesquite and some small stone Celtic crosses. His brother had died in 1984 and Steve had decided to sell his brother's collection. I found fine children's records and then found a Woody Guthrie set of 78's with an illustration by Guthrie on the cover. Sometime during my digging Steve's friend "Chopper" Dave came into the clearing. Down from the north, he was a preacher with Jesus paintings on his motorcycle and a cross. I tried to take Steve's portrait but he wouldn't let me.

By chance, Arlo Guthrie is in town tonight playing at the Fox Theater. I'm trying to arrange to meet with him and show my find.

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