Sunday, April 8, 2012

There is NOTHING `awful' about her except her name

A number of Tucson years ago some male friend re commended I see the woman that works at (blank blank) so I went in and introduced myself to the preoccupied 6 ft blonde model thin woman working there. I gave my rap half hardedly and left expecting never to hear from her (I scare women in Tucson or at least my ideas seem to...Destany and Heather being the exceptions) and I didn't. A few nites ago I was in 24/7 Fed Ex on Speedway near midnite and there was a pierced tattooed 6 ft beauty with blonde hair streaked with pink and green. Nice. I pulled up my model mayhem site and approached her. She smiled and said I had approached her before and she had responded. Damn the well! She wanted to shoot and we arranged for her to come over for a fitting on Thursday with a scheduled shoot in the desert the next day. It was obvious she enjoys playing `dress-up' and immediately disappeared into my walk-in closet. The sun was setting and her in a vintage bathing suite was like pleasure. we went outside.

there is more but its Easter time too

The next day she arrived out in the desert in full length black rubber with her legs shedding white streaks of powder.

feeling like I look like a western pig

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