Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Your Typical Bus Station Javelina*

That's a fine line from Denis Johnson who has kept me company for thousands of miles in the past month. Either from his "Nobody Move" (2009)  or "Tree of Smoke" (2007) read by Will Patton. (I did Denis Johnson's portrait for some NY downtown publication 30 yrs ago. I got nothing from the man. Nothing like the power I hear from him mile after mile.)
Anyway last week I got an email from someone wanting information then wanting some prints from me but it never felt right. He wanted to have me send him more and more jpegs until finally I said unless he bought then..."he exploded that I was pressuring him....that he intended to buy 20 or thirty prints then hung up. A typical javelina move and I don't know this guy from Adam.
Today a former border guard came by and spent some money and that kept the lites on, my grin back on my face, and some chicken wings at Pho. Life is grand in the desert.
Brenna is a beauty I have known since coming to Tucson but never spent time with. She struck as someone cautious and weary. At one point I told her about the Yaqui Indian Easter 40 festival that happens in 4 villages in and around Tucson and a year later she called me and last week I took her. She's half Yaqui and had never seen any of this extra ordinary pagan ceremony. A week later we decided to shoot. We had plans but she's got a fab 8 yr old daughter, Anastasia and lives with her boyfriend and daughter at the opposite side of town and the sun was going down. She suggested we shoot in a nearby river bed-arroyo. Brenna is a former Arizona pole dancer champion and we wanted a tree for her to hang from.
We went under the bridge and the place was littered with funky sleeping bags of the homeless but no homeless. Reminded me of Dylan's line "When you got nothing...you got nothing to lose". The homeless were unafraid to leave their things open and available and go "out". Brenna climbed and balanced and stood on her head and held herself up with her strong arms and then into the arroyo rode two chicanos. Without consulting Brenna I asked if she could sit on one of the horses NAKED. She had done very little riding but got naked and got up there and even STOOD up there. My favorite shot is the horse rider politely taking a shot while hiding his face. They were very nice. She was spectacular in her '50's pin-up look. It helped that she had a black bush and not baby bare. One never knows what one will collaberate on from one minute to the next.

one knows about the way women are with horses. The way she loosened her bra and sauntered over to him.

Then she stood up. what a (beautiful) show-off. I was willing to try it but the sun was going down.

beautiful but

I prefer the headless guy with camera.

If the headless photographer and his buddy would email me their photos I won't id who took the shots but put them up on this blog. thanks kroll@well.com

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