Wednesday, May 2, 2012

City of Angeles ....Jessica Freebird

When she was younger we had a thing. She was petulant and wild. we first met in a Ralph's parking lot in the valley then went to a `free' party nearby. It began the day after July 4th and ended abruptly Halloween of that same year in San Francisco.
Years later, she's (23) grounded now on her way to college but won't let me reveal where because she still has a stalker from high school days that has sent me death threats. Her young mother drove 90 miles an hour to my house in Silver Lake, climbed my metal spiked 8 ft fence, woke my crazy landlord and made him call the police who came and unlocked my door. Obstensively to find her daughter but her daughter wan't there nor was she with me. I told her she should have made this phone call years before and hung up the phone.
There is something magnificent about her. I picked out a park she had played in when she was 10 yrs old after she had shown me the many tattoos she had gotten after we split. Some were being removed and some would remain.

one of several she is removing

"she's younger than that now"

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