Friday, May 11, 2012

Emma Now and Then

When I worked for TASCHEN I would stop in at Jumbo's Clown room on Hollywood Blvd on my way home to Silver Lake. My master's student, Amy Sampson, from CCA used work there as a waitress. I got to know the talented pole dancers and Emma was an early favorite. She had a verve. Making corsets, doing performance art on stage (I saw her once accidently ingest a gold fish and finish her act). I've been gone form Jumbos over three years and Emma has also moved on. She got her stewardess certification and went back to school in cooking and came away working for a private jet company flying around the US and Europe cooking for executives in the air!
When I shot her in LA her bf at the time suggested I do something outrageous. I dressed her in a full length pvc catsuit and crazy vintage chapeau, bound her wrists behind her, blind-folded her and brought her to the Imperial restaurant on Hillcrest. The Chinese restaurant was used to me and it was slow for lunch and no one minded. On the way home I made her drive Elia Katz, writer, videographer, back to the house NAKED. We laughed alot and still do.
Three years later she is more beautiful. Her Italian blood comes out in the desert

 and Scott, her bf (born and raised in Tucson, is right there with her.
Here's a photo I took at least 4 yrs ago in my house in Silver Lake (LA)

She's always on the go and therefore exhausted and she thinks that she looks terrible everytime we shoot now. I see her soul and she is fine in the most beautiful way

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