Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Katy Bound, the eclipse of the sun, Breena's fine performance and another cowboy bbq in the sesert

Why is it I keep wanting to shoot Katy. Can it b her 6 ' 3 " frame? Probably is. Trouble is she has a life so I don't always get her when I want her. Your and my lose.
"Katy practicing her face-sitting on a fireman's dummy in the backyard of Eric Kroll's estate"

My friend Maya Estes I first met when she worked at Rory's Ice Cream Parlor. I had just gotten divorced and was co-raising my two daughters Willa, 7, and Leah 12. I immediately asked Maya to marry me. She was 17 yrs old and turned me down. We became friends and would hang out talking God, fatherhood and religion. Once we walked the Grace Church outdoor maze high on wine. She's invite me to her crazy fashion shows of her draped clothes. Once in the St. Francis hotel. Her work reminded me of the freedom found in Andre Walker's fashion of the early 1980's. They were her thoughts draped across a lovely young woman. Sometimes she'd be a part of a complex menage of SF talent in some downtown club after midnite. Then she got hired by Abercombie and Fitch and moved to Ohio! I introduced her to the fine erotic photographer, Chas Rae Krider (I did his bk Motel Fetish for Taschen) and they shot. When I had the Ventana Canyon house as my second home she'd come out and get very drunk and happy and we'd do wild things in public. Now she designs the lingerie for Forever Young and sent me some examples to photo. The work is the opposite from the vintage lingerie I normally shoot with but Katy loves Victoria Secret 

and I had a feeling she'd love Maya's work. She did.

When I was first with Felice after my divorce her 'play' name was Gwen, based by me on John Willie's character Sweet Gwendoline who was always in peril and having to be rescued by a strong and determined brunette. I designed a multi-strap bondage piece and found a leather shop in Petaluma and asked them to make it. I still have the piece.

On my way to follow my friend Carl Hanni's rental back to the airport, Peter reminded me of the total eclipse of the sun and how to make a pinhole camera. Take a shoe box like box and cut a two inch square in one end of the box and cover it with tin foil. Then make a pin hole in the tin foil.

 At the other end of the box should be a white wall. Near that end cut a small hole to watch the eclipse reflected on the white wall. 

I parked across from Carl's house on 4th Ave and 17th st (Armory Park). Shana Zimmerman came by on her way to Marianne Dissard's  birthday party.

Breena raises a 8 yr old girl child, is in a live in relationship, is learning to teach yoga and is a fine pole dancer. Oh and she wrote and starred in a history of cabaret performed this past Saturday next door to
Solar Culture Gallery on Toole. 

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