Monday, May 28, 2012

Mesquite, what I'm eating and with whom

I'm reading, not listening to, Edward Abbey's Desert Solitaire, his account of working at Arches National Park when it was a primitive campground. When i asked Katy if it was lonely and isolated growing up in the remote south eastern corner of Arizona she told me she had interesting friends growing up, like the kid of Edward Abbey. I probably came to this bk 2 late but I am enjoying it. He talks about how he'd like to write a book on Juniper trees. A book on a particular juniper tree. Interesting idea. When one slows down one's life the particular becomes fascinating. I am just now flooding my backyard and side yard with wild birds. I went to Wild Bird on Ft. Lowell and Country Club and the man who won't stop talking told me about this tiny black seed that attracts yellow birds. It does just that and I watch much of the hot days since it is in the shaded area of my breakfast table. The smaller the bird , the more cautious....I think.
As one might guess I have become very interested in trees and as I allow that interest to develop I shoot more and more trees. A friend is battling lung cancer and my intention is to make her a bk of trees.
I am particularly interested in the mesquite tree. "A Pocket Guide To TREES by Rutherford Platt writes :"The most important tree from Texas to southern California". Around Tucson mesquite is well loved for its crushed seed to make pan cake mix (go ask Diane Rhoades what she thinks of mesquite pancakes). I go a woods permit to cut and collect firewood and it was from a mesquite patch up north of Oracle next to the YMCA summer camp. So I am busy studying the mesquite population.

Driving out near where Paul McCartney has a house I found mesquite which lead me to a sign for produce. I followed that to an organic farm and bought squash. (Elderberry farm) Edibles and medicinals.

went home and Peter Crown came over and we cooked his salmon and some sliced oiled squash.

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