Monday, June 25, 2012

You're So Vain

You probably think this play is about you.

One of my dearest friends, Soozie Luftig McMeans Richardson Ginsberg died suddenly, though not unexpectantly, from lung cancer.

I'm in Santa Fe where she lived, married to Jerry, down the road from her son, Willie Bo Richardson, his wife Kimberly, and their 4 yr old daughter, Audrey. I left as soon as I learned of her death. I wanted to be with people who knew and loved her.
Though she and I had lived together many years ago in Rancho de Taos in Dr. Dominquez house, we had remained very close through the years.
Almost immediately upon arrival in Santa Fe, I began to hear and learn things bout Soozie as an artist I had never known or never known thoroughly. I knew she had been a potter, a photographer but then people told me she had written a play, "Just Like Marilyn Monroe" which had been produced. I wanted to see the vhs tape that had been done on the play.
My host and old friend Bob Richardson from Bard College days handed me a copy of a poem Soozie had written for me on my birthday in '06 which I (was so self centered) I never read:

to eric

my old love
sixty years
thirty six of them i’ve known you
your voice comes to me via advanced cellular
and yet
keeps breaking up
coming and going
like love

my old love
tells me about duchamp
and chess and art, not art
descending a staircase
(didn’t we see that show in new york at the whitney or
you move out of cellular range
but call back
not a ring, but miles davis polyphonic ringtone
your voice again.
lancaster?  did you say you’re in lancaster?

we both remember miles
his lusty eyes fixated on my
transparent silk blouse
rusty cocaine voice and red ghetto walls
matched the roses from yoko ono
oh no
you took her note to him
didn’t you?
“love, yoko.”
have you sold it on ebay?

you fade away
and return again
something about kinko’s
and robert is driving?
something about four more hours?
it is one in the morning now
and so i see you
driving down the coast
from your san francisco 60th happy birthday, baby.
two thousand bucks on chinese takeout
for sixty friends
a prison tatoo of our virgin
on your daughter’s once perfect arm.
what’s that you say?
not fade away
not fade away
not fade away
my old love.


beautiful as was she. more later after I take a Bucky Fuller 5 minute nap.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Moving On

I guess the cycle is happening...the women that I am close to that are in their late to early thirties are falling in love. whoops
Helena met Laurent. Laurent moved in. Two of his friends took the extra rooms. At first I mistakenly lumped him with other love interests Helena has had over the last 10 years but this fellow -to Helena- "might be forever". I like him. he has a sense of humor and can build things. I am sad but glad.
Maya I have known since she, at seventeen, scooped ice cream at Rory's across from my apt on Bush in SF. The way she blushed smiling and said "thi could be the one". She's ready and I am happy for her (and him).
Here is a shot of Helena (lft) and Maya (rght) at a slumber party we had on Bush st the nite I went to Serranto, Italy.

Nothing ever stays the same.

Helena and Laurent a few days ago in Oakland

Maya in full happiness

I've know Tobi from the first minute I moved to SF. In december I met up in Oakland for bfast with her daughter and Tobi told me she was living with a guy and it was working.

Heather was one of the first friends I made in Tucson. After a year of many changes she's met a East coast guy and it appears serious. Oh No! And he can flip backwards into water. 

ps...Leonora is in town from deep Mexico and I have to stand in line but its worth it. Here she is surrounded by men at my friend David's apartment.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Buy It Now Or I shoot this Desert Hare

My beautiful nephew Adam is making me do something I vowed never to do again- a business venture. He's had for twenty years a fine t-shirt printing company , Big Time Threads, up in Phoenix and years ago we ran about 6 designs and they were collectible but I was over designing...not allowing him to bring the work into the 21 st century. This time he is the brains. Its his design of my photos...AmEricAdam is the company and one can purchase them by following this link.

China doll tee

Thursday, June 7, 2012


I'm involved in the possible sale of a unique Peter Beard African image with his finger prints and his hand writing in the neutral areas of the image. A collector was flying in from Europe and he or she wanted to see it SO I went to the library and found Henry Miller's Tropic of Cancer and a William Kennedy novel.
I slept from 1:30 am to 5:30 am then drove west listening.Miller -a rich mind indeed. Lots of cunt mentionings. I arrived in time to attend a Henry Miller reading by five women at the closing of Tim Youd's "Coney Island of the Mind" at Coagla Curatorial June 2 4pm to 6 pm. I was there for Ori Small's aka Ashley Blue

 reading and Dave Naz, photog and musician, Ori's husband.

I assume Dave is imitating the infamous Paul Butterfield band cover

but enjoyed what was said and read by Shana Nys Dambrot, Jessica Hundley, Maria Garcia Teutsch and Diana Wagman

. It's Mat Gleason's gallery but his hair

 held the day 4 me along with Tim's cunts on the wall.

I sleep on a friend's couch at the Sovereign (1928), former residence to Jukie Newmar. My friend Jon liked it so much he waited around 8 yrs while it was retrofitted then moved back into his original ground floor apartment. Driving into west Hollywood I stopped at the TASCHEN Beverly Hills store. I am still well remembered. I asked if they had any damaged cunt books (Dian Hanson's Big Book of Pussy). Fortunately they did and I got a copy cheap. My friend Kimberly Kane is on the cover or rather her cunt is.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

White People

I went to a Memorial day party

 and I didn't see one person of ethnicity. There were many white people and my friends - artists, writers - stayed in their corner laughing

and chatting particularly through war memorial being anti war and all.

 Quieter, fatter...thinner...less hair...more wrinkles...fewer teeth but still outside the gung ho war world.

(left to right Karen Brennan, Jefferson Carter, Steve Romaniello, Bob Campbell, Gail Marcus Orlen, Bonnie Carter)

Still of character after all these years. The baby boomers face the medicine in the most noble way. Death and taxes.

me and Steve. Gibb W. wearing the same bl shirt walked out of the frame. humm. How am I supposed to handle that!

Bob Campbell and Tim Fuller

My much younger friend, Ori Small, author of the fine autobio Girlvert, reads Henry Miller somewhere in LA at 6 pm this evening. I'll be there. I got the bk on tape and Henry hasn't lost a thing in all these yrs. Like my friend, David Lubin, we read Tropic of Cancer in high school a half a century ago.

One of things i particularly like about Nancy's annual Memorial day party is the age spread. Here she is with a young girl over a half century young... er.

a parting party shot of Shrimpy and Slumpy at the flea market off Mission street