Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Moving On

I guess the cycle is happening...the women that I am close to that are in their late to early thirties are falling in love. whoops
Helena met Laurent. Laurent moved in. Two of his friends took the extra rooms. At first I mistakenly lumped him with other love interests Helena has had over the last 10 years but this fellow -to Helena- "might be forever". I like him. he has a sense of humor and can build things. I am sad but glad.
Maya I have known since she, at seventeen, scooped ice cream at Rory's across from my apt on Bush in SF. The way she blushed smiling and said "thi could be the one". She's ready and I am happy for her (and him).
Here is a shot of Helena (lft) and Maya (rght) at a slumber party we had on Bush st the nite I went to Serranto, Italy.

Nothing ever stays the same.

Helena and Laurent a few days ago in Oakland

Maya in full happiness

I've know Tobi from the first minute I moved to SF. In december I met up in Oakland for bfast with her daughter and Tobi told me she was living with a guy and it was working.

Heather was one of the first friends I made in Tucson. After a year of many changes she's met a East coast guy and it appears serious. Oh No! And he can flip backwards into water. 

ps...Leonora is in town from deep Mexico and I have to stand in line but its worth it. Here she is surrounded by men at my friend David's apartment.

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