Saturday, June 2, 2012

White People

I went to a Memorial day party

 and I didn't see one person of ethnicity. There were many white people and my friends - artists, writers - stayed in their corner laughing

and chatting particularly through war memorial being anti war and all.

 Quieter, fatter...thinner...less hair...more wrinkles...fewer teeth but still outside the gung ho war world.

(left to right Karen Brennan, Jefferson Carter, Steve Romaniello, Bob Campbell, Gail Marcus Orlen, Bonnie Carter)

Still of character after all these years. The baby boomers face the medicine in the most noble way. Death and taxes.

me and Steve. Gibb W. wearing the same bl shirt walked out of the frame. humm. How am I supposed to handle that!

Bob Campbell and Tim Fuller

My much younger friend, Ori Small, author of the fine autobio Girlvert, reads Henry Miller somewhere in LA at 6 pm this evening. I'll be there. I got the bk on tape and Henry hasn't lost a thing in all these yrs. Like my friend, David Lubin, we read Tropic of Cancer in high school a half a century ago.

One of things i particularly like about Nancy's annual Memorial day party is the age spread. Here she is with a young girl over a half century young... er.

a parting party shot of Shrimpy and Slumpy at the flea market off Mission street

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