Monday, July 23, 2012

“Nana always wore mascara” -Audrey, age 4

Soozie Mcmeans, my first girlfriend out of college (we lived in Dr. Dominquez house in Rancho de Taos 1969 till), died on the summer soltice 2012 of lung cancer. The memorial was July 21 at Murphy and Anna Maria's Fina Cafe out on Old Pecos Trail. The lot was filled with cars and over 100 people were there to honor her. I spoke, Sheri Stein, my girlfriend from University of Colorado days and very close friend of Soozie's spoke, Bob Richardson, Soozie's first husband and my best friend when she left me in NYC and went back to Santa Fe spoke, Willie Bo Richardson, the son of Soozie and Bob and a close friend of mine, Jerry Ginsburg, last husband of Soozie's, Dennis Luftig, her brother, Sylvia, her sister-in-law and MY ex wife Lynka Adams closed it out- released her spirit but not before little 4 yr old Audrey remarked into the microphone "Nana always wore mascara". Then said no more.

the back of Audrey

This reminds me of Picasso's Guernica

son of Soozie and a very fine painter

beautiful Kim (in hat), Peter Crown foreground

Bob Richardson and his two step sons Day and Severin

Jerome Ginsburg

Brooke Tuthill grey haired against the wall, Mary Kaufman, who went to Bard College when I did in the foreground with grey hair and sunglasses next to photographer Lisa Law who i have been in the same room many times but she don't remember me. (now she will)

Sean Gilligan

Grove T. Burnett with his forehead cut off and Jerry and Soozie's dog, Easy with its front cut off

Brooke Gamble to the left of her husband, Bob Richardson in the blue shirt. Sheri Stein on the stairs

Soozie's brother Dennie

my  lovely ex wife, Lynka Adams with her arms crossed in a white dress,

Shane Cronenweth, Soozie's cousin

Sheri Stein's sister , Char Durham furthest away in white, Micheal Ginsburg, Jerome's brother from Tucson (directly below the orange flowers not in white

Richard Lowenberg, in the lower right hand corner and a friend of mine since the Boulder days in the mid sixties

beautiful Sheri Stein of S. Stein Design

Bob Richardson, painter and bike rider

Janet Clow, lawyer friend

Lynka Adams closing the formal memorial with an evocation 
channelling white light down and  through all that were there and then everybody lifted the white light up and pushed Soozie's spirit into the Cosmos.

Then Jerry spoke eloquently about how privileged he felt to spend so much time with Soozie as his partner in life.

That's Josh Luftig furthest away in the same row with his dad, Dennis

Then it was open mike and Heather eve McKearnan spoke

Stephen Farber

and finally beautiful mother artist friend Sylvia Luftig, wife of Dennis

then fab food by Fina Cafe and a chance 4 old friends to gab

Richard Lowenberg, Dr. Peter Crown, Bob Richardson

first cousins Josh Luftig and Willie Bo Richardson

Rosemary Allen and my ex wife Lynka Adams (we all used to share a summer house in East Marion , Long Island in the early nineties. That's Heather in the background taslking with Laurie, Soozie's cousin.

Soozie I'll see you in my dreams


The only thing I asked when the memorial was being set up...I don't want to folow my ex-wife Lynka because I knew she would nail it in such a way that whomever followed couldn't.

Here follows her remarks:
1979 my first trip to Santa Fe with Eric.

That red hair. Mysterious simian smile. Pearl pale skin under a large brimmed hat. She was nice to me in a way I was not prepared for an ex-girlfriend to be and I mistrusted it at first. Oh, Scorpio Soo. A mixer upper of personalities, a stirrer of simmering brouhaha, a  keeper of secrets, and long grudges  with the belief that there are as many sides to a story as there are people involved with the telling. Soozy was psychologically complex
A word said wrong could invoke a tightening of her lips and the withering knowledge that you had misspoken and that there was a powerful stinger being prepped for someone, perhaps one of you. But never me. Soozy and I never crossed blades. She seemed forever on my side. Always believed my version of the story, always assured me everything would turn out fine.

 I dislike the word mentor. Too casually overused. But Soozy did mentor me. She showed me how to balance someone's aura with a pendulum. How to look sexy without being hootchy. How to effortlessly feed friends from a single large tray brimming over with healthy treats. Straight up. She treated me like a younger sister. With love. Without competiton.

Wise woman warrior. Artistic shaman. Soozy lived her life absurdly conscious of that damnable dissonance between heart and mind. What we think we know in battle against what we feel.

I hope time does not dull the memory of the way she  spoke my name. Lyyyyyyyyyyynka. She would draw it out, holding the sound in her mouth as if it tasted really really good.



Please form a circle and join hands.
So our circle is cast and our sacred grove is formed.

Close your eyes and open yourselves in a moment of silence to one another and the Forces of Nature who are joined with us. Let us celebrate being in this exact place at this exact time.

Feel the energy of the East and the Element of  Air. Open yourselves to it! Feel it! Be one with it!

Feel the energy of the South: and the Element of Fire. .Open yourselves to it.  Feel it. Be one with it.

Feel the energy of the West: and the Element of Water. Open yourselves to it. Feel it. Be one with it.

Feel the energy ofthe North and the Element of Earth.Open yourselves to it. Feel it. Be one with it.

Feel how we are all connected through these energies and with the energy of having our beloved Soozy in common.

Isn't it curious that she left the planet on the summer solstice? The longest day of the year. The time of the sun's fullest radiance? When the earth is warm and  green and her fruits are growing? So like Soozy herself. What a gift to come together today under blue skies in the Land of Enchantment.

From these blue skies please imagine pure sunlight shining through the top ofyour head, flowing down your body through your feet and into the earth. Root yourselves Breathe it in.
Feel that light as the life source that it is. Feel it as our sister Soozy. Our spouse Soozy. Our mother. Our friend. Picture a great bubbling ball of Soozy flowing over our toes.
Up our legs. Feel her as she was in her physical form. how she held our hands. How she might have tickled your tummy. Feel her kiss on your cheek. On your mouth. Feel her soft fingers on top of your head. Feel her physical form.

Now with yourown breath, with your own rythym, release her energy to the Universe. In this time that is no time. In this place that is no place, she has become pure light. Pure spirit. She has become the green hidden in every seed.

She is perfect love.

Om shanti.
Blessed be.

Sheri Stein's
Shane hane CronenwethSCrhane Cronenweth

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lost Wages With Friends

We got there in time for Katy to be exhausted,

 take a five minute nap then change into more serious make-up

 and then gold from head to toe. Even Katy can demand a moment of privacy.

I wanted her to wear a bl runber penis- shaped ball gag as a necklace

 but she had a more brilliant idea.

 We planned on full length rubber but it was 2 hot. The exhibit ran from 6 to 10 pm and we fought to get there by 9:30pm. I remembered how Felice aka Gwen would start dressing for Bondage A Go Go on Wednesday nite and though it kept going till 2 am sometimes we barely made it or she would become so frustrated, we never left the apt.
Steve was Lord over his many images of Yee and Yee was handling the attention well.

Dr. Laura Henkel, owner of Sin City and Steve

Among the many guests was beautiful Tomiko, fetish model living in Vegas. (below) with Yee on the other end of the besauty bench

She and I and Adrianna had shot in Westwood (UCLA) at least 7 years ago. She's 45 yrs old and even more beautiful. She smiled, laughed and said she was making a decent living as a fetish model. cool. I remember the naked swim in the dark hotel's big pool. A healthy additude towards sexual imagery.
Jim Camp was there 2. He was in town for his friend's son's 21 st birthday. He had also been at the son's birth 21 year's earlier!

 A Bresson gallery reception moment with Jim shooting, ladies being immature and Steve being stoic.

Then out to dinner a la fiasco dining. moving into one restaurant, leaving, then into another,  till we settled on midnite Korean.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

`Nice' coming , going and being there with Katy Awful in Las Vegas

There are some 6' 1" blondes with a model figure that are constantly busy. Katy is always busy. Somehow I got her to accompany me to Steve Diet Goedde's Sin City gallery opening in Vegas on July 5th. We spent part of a nite, her trying on outfits, then the night of July 4th, I packed it all and more and put it in my truck and picked her up at 7 am on the 5th.

 We made it to Gila Bend and she changed into
a vintage car lounge wear black tight fitting thing and (my fav) vintage half boots.

 Pumping gas..

. then into Quartzsite, Az to follow a lead about a naked bookstore owner.
I had been warned but nothing prepared me for Paul Winer aka Sweet Pie owner of Reader's Oasis Books.

What a marvel. What a miracle that i can be shocked into a different reality.

He told me he used to be a male stripper in Nude York and was the first male to go totally nude in Manhattan.

He told me he was boi-sexual and basically didn't stop talking until he followed us out to my truck.

I'd like to shoot him with my tranny friend Nico. Remember the "Naked guy"that when 4 years at UC Berkeley and never a stitch of clothes. 

My friend Gail's only child , Cozi is very much unlike the (tea) cozy Paul knitted and wears.

The interesting thing is the books are valueable and the prices fair.

Katy slept after meeting Sweet Pie.

and then...

and then...humping a roadside sign

2 b continued