Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lost Wages With Friends

We got there in time for Katy to be exhausted,

 take a five minute nap then change into more serious make-up

 and then gold from head to toe. Even Katy can demand a moment of privacy.

I wanted her to wear a bl runber penis- shaped ball gag as a necklace

 but she had a more brilliant idea.

 We planned on full length rubber but it was 2 hot. The exhibit ran from 6 to 10 pm and we fought to get there by 9:30pm. I remembered how Felice aka Gwen would start dressing for Bondage A Go Go on Wednesday nite and though it kept going till 2 am sometimes we barely made it or she would become so frustrated, we never left the apt.
Steve was Lord over his many images of Yee and Yee was handling the attention well.

Dr. Laura Henkel, owner of Sin City and Steve

Among the many guests was beautiful Tomiko, fetish model living in Vegas. (below) with Yee on the other end of the besauty bench

She and I and Adrianna had shot in Westwood (UCLA) at least 7 years ago. She's 45 yrs old and even more beautiful. She smiled, laughed and said she was making a decent living as a fetish model. cool. I remember the naked swim in the dark hotel's big pool. A healthy additude towards sexual imagery.
Jim Camp was there 2. He was in town for his friend's son's 21 st birthday. He had also been at the son's birth 21 year's earlier!

 A Bresson gallery reception moment with Jim shooting, ladies being immature and Steve being stoic.

Then out to dinner a la fiasco dining. moving into one restaurant, leaving, then into another,  till we settled on midnite Korean.

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