Monday, July 2, 2012

More on observing Soozie

More photos. There is a brillance ...a brightness to Audrey

 that is becoming legendary. the vids on youtube...Soozie's photos of her grand daughter. Last year or so I took my daughter's fav child's toy, Zwibble, to meet Audrey (4 plus yrs old). My purple Zwibble was old but besutiful . She hardly played with Zwibble. This time, someone had given her a new YELLOW Zwibble and she loved it.

I asked Audrey to mimic Zwibble's expression

reminds me of trash can in Oracle Junction

which reminds me. who knows what a tire means in rural Indian country when it is hanging by a post near the main road?

it means the person you want to visit is at home.

Bob Richardson, the first husband of Soozie with a foto of his wife

He used to partner on a fine furniture company but now he paints strong portraits of his friends (a work -in -progress of Soozie is in the middle)

Bob and his son Willie Bo (Buddhist painter)

Bob speaking with Jerry Ginzburg, Soozie's last husband.

Jerry looking at one of Soozie's memorable photo albums she worked on as the curtain was coming down.
with Kim, photographer and mother of Willie Bo

Jerry handling the arrangements. One of Willie Bo Richardson's paintings hangs above his head.

Willie Bo after watering the front yard of his home

this is why i drove to santa b amongest those that knew and loved Soozie

Nash Glynn riding off into the imaginary sunset. (not my photo)  Close friend to many of us who gathered to remember Soozie. Bob Richardson's childhood friend. He fit in but in a fictional way and mysteriously  left the planet in Tucson before I got there.

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