Sunday, July 8, 2012

`Nice' coming , going and being there with Katy Awful in Las Vegas

There are some 6' 1" blondes with a model figure that are constantly busy. Katy is always busy. Somehow I got her to accompany me to Steve Diet Goedde's Sin City gallery opening in Vegas on July 5th. We spent part of a nite, her trying on outfits, then the night of July 4th, I packed it all and more and put it in my truck and picked her up at 7 am on the 5th.

 We made it to Gila Bend and she changed into
a vintage car lounge wear black tight fitting thing and (my fav) vintage half boots.

 Pumping gas..

. then into Quartzsite, Az to follow a lead about a naked bookstore owner.
I had been warned but nothing prepared me for Paul Winer aka Sweet Pie owner of Reader's Oasis Books.

What a marvel. What a miracle that i can be shocked into a different reality.

He told me he used to be a male stripper in Nude York and was the first male to go totally nude in Manhattan.

He told me he was boi-sexual and basically didn't stop talking until he followed us out to my truck.

I'd like to shoot him with my tranny friend Nico. Remember the "Naked guy"that when 4 years at UC Berkeley and never a stitch of clothes. 

My friend Gail's only child , Cozi is very much unlike the (tea) cozy Paul knitted and wears.

The interesting thing is the books are valueable and the prices fair.

Katy slept after meeting Sweet Pie.

and then...

and then...humping a roadside sign

2 b continued


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