Sunday, July 1, 2012

On the rim

After being around friends in Santa Fe...around the vibrant memory of Soozie, I headed home slowly. I pulled into a campground on the rim of Canyon de Chelly and slept in the bed of my truck open to the stars etc. Fantastic but because of the drought unable to lite a fire. Up at dawn, driving the rim, avoiding the free ranging colts and calfs. When Willa was 15 we went and visited Leah in sleep away school near Prescott then met up with Felice and drove to Grand Canyon. It was around Christmas and cold and beautiful and we threw snowballs on the rim of Grand Canyon then took a monster jeep into Canyon de Chelly. I remember we found a funky house to rent and Felice and i played cowboys and Indians upstairs but not before I drove around nowhereville and found an Adam Sandler golf video and watched it downstairs with Willa. I kept worrying Willa was having a terrible time then 6 years later she came to Tucson to visit and asked how far away Grand Canyon was...she said it had been her most fun vacation while growing up! My philosophy is give kids memories. Moments to savor years later.

I met with my old friend Richard Lowenberg

while in Santa fe, whom I have known since the Boulder, Colo days in the mid sixties. He has always been involved in innovative media and has been trying to set up broadband in rural areas of the four corners area, particularly for the American Indian. I incorrectly reacted in a negative way to the idea of bringing the internet to hogans in remote Monument Valley, etc. UNTIL I was in Chinle (pop. 4,500) and asked to be directed to the public library. NO public library! I then asked where I could find free wi fi. No wi fi! That is a shitty disadvantage for young people wanting to learn. I saw poverty on the Navaho and Hopi reservation that shamed me. In Keams Canyon the school had a delipated basketball court. I hate wealth and what it doesn't provide.

Indian housing provided by the Fed gov.

Richard alerted me to a recent pertinent article

I got up at 3 am today so I'm too tired to write anything but captions.

shameless self promotion on my new line of tees.

at the base of Shiprock , NM

a bar west of Grants, NM

the Navaho live so remotely on the reservation that a tire hung on a post means someone is home and can accept visitors

joshua tree as mennorah near Joashua Tree

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