Sunday, August 5, 2012

Exactly as Told

The day i left for Santa Fe I stopped in at Discount Tires to have them rotate my tires since the one on the left looked thin. The guy said not to bother...the two tires on the back were ready to blow and if they blew I might flip the truck. I asked how much for two tires and he said $350 plus tax. I didn't have but gas money till the following Wednesday so I decided to drive slowly. I intended to leave at 2 pm but got involved in searching for Soozie photos and didn't leave till 2 am (she saved my life from beyond the grave). I was just east of Benson (50 milers from Tucson) at the Ocotillo exit and BAM the left rear tire blew

note the tracks of my rubberized tears 

note my grey Toyota Tacoma nuzzled in the bushes on the right

miracle in the bushes

 as predicted and my favorite truck took off like chasing a bitch in heat. I instinctively remembered the winter ice skids around Briarcliff Manor and went with it. 360 then straight for the right hand embankment and down the hill (how was completely dark) then up the hill then coasted back down into a tree. Everything stopped. I mentally checked myself and I was fine. No scratches. Nothing but reward. A feeling of vitalization. It wasn't my time. I tried to get out of the door but the tree branches had me pinned. It was 4 am so I decided to wait till light and tilted back the seat and fell asleep.
I woke and everything Geico went smoothly. I found a rental and was back on my way to Santa fe before noon. Truck totaled. A check for more than I paid.

Men sometimes remark that I have the perfect job photographing women but I don't hardly make mey for that `talent'. Still I have known many women. I was struck by the beauty of Anne Maria,

wife and mother of Murphy O'Brian's children , who helped run the restaurant we were all in for Soozie's memorial.

And Miss Jenn from Phoenix who contacted me on and I shot in Aqua Fria Park that looks like Florida except for the mountain lion tracks down by the water's edge.

who was so tiny she could fit into my vintage boy scout uniform I bought in El Paso, Texas.

who mentioned on her MM profile she did cart wheels

and then there is Katy Awful. My nephew Adam suggested we meet him at Kurt's Auto Core up in Phoenix. Thank Goddess she looked Awful in her vintage dress and heels

and then much to my horror I found her ....

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