Friday, August 17, 2012

Heather makes art

my ex girlfriend and  close friend Sherry Stein graduated CU Boulder a year before me and when I got out and got to San Francisco she was making jackets out of sailboat canvas. Years later she was welding vintage cadillac's into couches (one bought by Liberace). Arounbd 40 yrs old she told me she was going back to college to get her higher degree in design. I was amazed that someone so original felt it important to go back to college and she told me she wanted to learn the language of design. When she got out she was sought after by Nike, etc. She now akes fine hand bags (
Heather, age 28, told me a similar idea after she graduated in art. She wanted to learn how to make video. Today she produces programing for the U of A channel. Recently I arranged to be with my brilliant reptile friend Robert Villa and he told me he had to be done by 7 pm to help Heather make an art piece. I tagged along to the desert.

Minutes before I met Heather, Jaime J. Soto, Michael Rascon (the two dancers) and (unseen) Robert Villa at the Hotel Congress.

Then to the dark desert lit by car headlites

the next day she brought back the tripod and we went to El Salvadoran bfast at the swap meet on Dexel and Mission.

what I got on camera will be part of a piece called Constructed Encounters, or
Constructed Encuentros, shown at the Louis Bernal gallery at the Center For The Arts (Tucson) Sept. 13th. A collaboration with Heather Gray and Laura Milkins.

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